So as has been discussed on numerous occasions now, we probably need a C, especially if Darko's lingering injury turns into anything serious. So who is available and which of those guys do we want?

The list of Cs in this league isn't long in the first place and we need someone who can play some defense (next to Love) and/or pass (in the triangle). Preferably both. Not many of those out there though. I just wanted to see who people had in mind and if there were any trades you could come up with. Don't be afraid to look to the DLeague either.

My short list (not necessarily meeting the criteria... but we might be desperate enough):

Speights or Hawes (in an Iggy deal?)
Dalembert (Might become available)
Haywood (Probably not an option as he just signed, but Chandler is taking up a lot of the minutes there)
Dampier (has he signed yet? I assume he has no desire to play for a noncontender)

I put together an interesting trade in Oceanary's game wrap, but here is the gist of it:

To MN: Varejao and Mo Williams

To Phil: Brewer, Ellington, loads of cap space, pick platter

To Cle: Iguodala, Flynn, maybe Pek (I'd assume including Pek would require them to send a pick somewhere instead of us)

Really depends on these two teams deciding they need a change. It's largely a sideways step for Cleveland and a backwards step for Philadelphia (which they may be expecting and willing to take for some picks and a couple of free looks at young guys), but it's change for the sake of change. Cleveland gets out of two large contracts (which could be useful to us or to a contender at the deadline when Darko comes back healthy and if Gaines starts looking viable with Ridnour/Bassy being 2nd and 3rd options like they should be. But this really does push both of these guys back into natural PG roles and gets rid of Flynn (poor Wes). We'd also get a defensive 4/5 to play with Love or Beasley at the 4 mostly. When Darko comes back he can play more 4 if we don't cycle him out by then.

Anyways, we get a solid defender in the post and a guy who, despite his faults, would be a pretty solid starting PG in the Rhombus. We take on a lot of cash (Varejao is for 5 years, but like I said, a contender will come calling if we really want to get rid of him. Probably the same for Williams next year too at the deadline or even this year to LA (I'd have to assume they are willing to pay if Fisher is looking like the weak link).

With one caveat: Williams goes back to the role he was playing the last couple years with LeBron plus a little bit more ball handling as the PG. But without the high usage he has had this year (He's always been above 20%, but this is the first year it has been unacceptably high for his talents. And I do think he would fit very well if he deferred to Love and Beasley and even Darko a little bit. He's been a very efficient scorer the last few years of his career except for this year).


Give me your ideas for guys to go after, how to go after them, or rip my trade apart.

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