Judging by a recent poll, a full 97% of TWolves fans that frequent this site are optimistic about this team and the direction it’s heading. That’s a testament to the team, the style of play, and the potential for the future of this club.

You can already see it in the attendance. People are going to games again, not just because it’s not on TV, but because this is a young, exciting team to watch already. It seems like the future is fast upon us. Who doesn’t want to be there the next time Love makes history? The first time Beas scores 50?  Brewer, out of control?

The sense of optimism is rampant, with the feeling that this team just needs time to (jell) (gel). Most of them have never played together before, just like last year. But this year seems different than last year. Last year we didn’t get our 5th win until until December 18th, a full 2 weeks longer than this year.

With Detroit, Golden State and Portland coming up in 3 of the next 6 games, we have a chance to be up 2-3 games from last years pace. And if you bet the house on the over 22, your house looks safe for now.

Let's get into the easy part of the schedule, with a healthy roster, and see what we’ve got. And by healthy I mean Darko blocking shots, Jonny stopping and popping, driving and dishing, Webster all over the place, Love owning the lane, Beas stroking shots and driving, and we've got a damn good team there. A young, athletic, up tempo team, with a solid young bench.

We lead the NBA in pace, are #1 in the NBA in rebounding ahead of the Lakers and it's not even close, and are 6th in blocked shots. We’re the only team in the NBA who has 2 players ranked #1 in the individual offense or defense categories, with Love tops in boards and Darko tops in blocks.

The only thing preventing us from winning right now is defense. That is our Achilles heel.

We shot, what, almost 80% in the first quarter against the Bricks, yet we were only ahead by 4 points?

Until we learn how to defend, we will continue to lose winnable games.

The Wolves should watch a replay of the 3rd quarter against the Bricks, to see how defense should be played. They hounded the Wolves on every possession, giving them no room to operate and double teaming seemingly everyone. They were all over the ball. It was amazing.

The Wolves had as many TO's in the 3rd quarter as they had the entire 1st half, and that was the game right there.

It didn't help that no matter how much the Bricks hacked the Wolves, the refs refused to call a foul.

Telfair got decked by Felton while he was dribbling, yet he was called for the foul??!!?

One of the worst officiated games I’ve ever seen. When Love knocked it out of bounds, and they gave the ball to the Wolves, D’antoni was livid, screaming on the sidelines while his arms flailed away. Turiaf was incredulous, burying his head in total disbelief, mocking the refs, yet no foul was called on either. What happened to the technical foul that's supposed to be called in that situation?

They either have to call it every time, or abolish it. It's really called inconsistently, or not at all. Either enforce it, or trash it.

FYI We play OKC at home, Detroit at home, and Chicago away this week. Weds, Fri and Sat. at 7CT each game.

A back to back. What a treat!


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