My much anticipated "Ok, I'm a little worried about Wes Johnson" post

Good Evening.


I need help. I'm the last one aboard the Wes Johnson express, everyone else has jumped off, I'm clinging to my seat, debris crashing around me.. I'm cursing myself for not boarding the souped up Cuz-Train, I knew it had more hype, that the WJ express was 4 years older than most but well, I was impressed by it's length. I look out the window in what could be my last moments, I see a man in a Terrell Brandon jersey holding a book of recipes, nodding knowingly. I see Adrian Wojnarowski, cackling gleefully like a mad man. I see Jim Peterson, blaming the officials. I see Kevin Love, booking his next "Entourage" guest spot. I see Kevin Garnett, getting in the face of and intimidating a confused rookie European player. Is this the end????

Aaaaaaaaaaaand.. Scene.

How's that for a cheesy intro? Thank you. Thank you.

Alright, that was just a slight exaggeration, as it is still obviously very early, but I'm worried about Wes Johnson. 

I was completely on board with the pick a week ago, and probably still am for the most part, but well, let's examine tonight's box score against the Thunder, a team that I guess symbolizes the management perfection to our management rubbish (yeah I said rubbish) despite the teams looking awfully close when they play one another.


Corey Brewer: 11 shots in 31 minutes

B Easy Mike Beasley: 27 shots in 32 minutes (love the guy, but lol)

Sebastian Telfair: 6 shots in 12 minutes (barf)


Wes Johnson played the most minutes on the team tonight (43) and took the fewest shots... 5.


This is a tremendous problem, I don't care that he's been sick, he should never lead the team in minutes but take the fewest shots ever again, it is simply unacceptable, and the blame should go to Rambis, the point guards, and mostly, himself. I knew he wasn't exactly a gunner but give me a break, he's one of the best shooters on the team, he needs to be much more aggressive, and the team needs to run more plays for him. I realize I'm not breaking news here but this game was the exclamation point on his troubles this year.

I still love is jumper, I still think he can be a versatile defender, I'm not as bothered by his age, I like his passing and basketball I.Q. but..



Another Ridnour pull up J?!



                                                                                                                              *** To be CONTINUED

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