SHOCKER: Bill Simmons is a poor fact-checker

From Bill Simmon's Top 40 Trade Value Column:

Follow-up story: Another NBA team sent someone to Spain to watch Rubio play for FC Barcelona a few weeks ago. The individual ran into one of Rubio's advisers and asked him how many times someone from Minnesota had come to see Rubio this season. The answer? Zero.

That's pretty damning, that the Wolves haven't come to see Rubio play.  But what does David Kahn have say about it?  Nothing so far.  But what does Khan from February 6th of this year have to say about it?

DALLAS - Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis used a rare four-day break in the middle of the season to take his team to Dallas two days early in an unsuccessful search for sun and warmth.

Wolves boss David Kahn used those four days for a whirlwind two-city European tour in which he scouted prospects Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic.

... ...

Kahn watched Rubio lead his team back from a big early deficit in a hostile arena Wednesday only to lose by one point in an overtime that Rubio sat and watched. Kahn said Rubio played "OK" in an "incredibly intense environment you had to see to believe."

He said he talked briefly with Rubio after the game. Asked if it was a discussion of substance about his NBA future, Kahn said, "It's way too early for that, but it was nice to visit."

Now, I don't necessarily take Khan at his word in all things regarding Rubio.  I tend to think that the given explanation that the only reason Rubio considered coming over was because the Wolves drafted Jonny Flynn is complete BS.  And I understand that Simmons is a columnist and paid for opinions, which is why it doesn't bother me when he writes things about Khan being in over his head and that picking Flynn chased Rubio away (which is about as unlikely as Flynn being the reason Rubio wanted to come over, I think).  It seems like one of four things happened:

1) Khan's whole trip never happened, and he's outright lying to fans and the press. (Most unlikely)

2) Simmon's doesn't have this NBA source, and made up the story entirely (Second most unlikely)

3) This NBA executive lied to Simmons, trying to help force the Wolves to discount Rubio's rights (Second most likely)

4) The Rubio adviser wasn't aware of the trip Khan made, and so when asked about it said they had never shown up. (Most likely, though the implication is that the Wolves top European scouts aren't checking in with Rubio twice a day, which seems unlikely in itself)

The point of listing these is simply to point out that I personally don't think it's nefarious or spite by Simmons, but just lines getting crossed.  That said, ESPN should take him to task for not doing the 4 seconds of fact checking on Minnesota's biggest newpaper's website that I needed in order to pretty much debunk the whole thing.

That said, a polite email or two to Simmons or ESPN might not be out of order...

EDIT: Forgot to mention, that SHOCKER headline is meant to be sarcastic/an exaggeration.

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