Maybe it is time to trade Jefferson. Its like the Foye situation, always being compared to someone else!

Most fans don't like him because of what he isn't - KG. Maybe we do what we did for Foye, give him another environment to play. Its clear to me that too many wolves fans will look for any excuse to say Jefferson is a bad player. Case in point!

BOTH of Jefferson's knees have been hurting him since the Charlotte game. 

Does he ask to sit, no!  He plays through it. And suddenly he is an awful player with a plus minus of MINUS 37 against the Thunder

Since the Charlotte game [vs. Thunder, Bulls, Pistons, Wizards]  jefferson has averaged 13 pts and 5.8 rebounds. Does that sound like a healthy Jefferson??

Did Jefferson play with Darko at all? No! 

He spent most of his time on the court with Hollins, who is arguably the most clueless player in the NBA today. Hollins defensive rotations are always wrong.  He doesn't understand the game of basketball. 

Gomes, the other player Jefferson spent much time on the floor with also had a bad game. He was 0 for 9. 

But what do most fans here see?  Bad play from Jefferson. 

Personally, I think Jefferson should sit until his (other) knee is healthy. But he cares too much about the team to do that. But, if Jefferson sits for a bunch of games because of his knee, he trade value will drop. 

I've come to the conclusion, that Jefferson should be traded by the wolves. He needs to go somewhere where he will be appreciated. Most fans here will get what they wanted pretty much since he arrived. Get to see the back of him.

Jefferson will get to play somewhere, where he isn't blamed for "causing KG to be gone" and isn't constantly compared one of the best defensive big man over  the last decade. 

My only hope for Jefferson is that he gets to play for a contender.  He is a good guy and I wish him the best. 

If I was jefferson's agent, I'd do my best to block trades to teams that don't have a chance to win - by threatening to "shoot my way out of town" if traded to a team that was't a contender. But Jefferson to this point, hasn't been selfish enough to support that type of strategy. 

It will be interesting to see who the wolves get for Jefferson. 

For all of those who want to trade jefferson, I'd get Rambis to play him more, or it will further hurt his trade value. 

The universe of "gettable" wings or big men is limited. 

I'm assuming most teams won't want to give up jefferson for a center. They'd want him to play PF and pair him with a good defensive center. 


Wings who might be available in a Jefferson trade:

Gay, Deng, Kirilenko, Wallace, Granger, Maggette, Joe Johnson, Crawford, Iguodala, Ellis, Martin, & Jackson.


Big men who might be available in a Jefferson trade:

Stoudemire, Boozer, Randolph, Murphy, Brand, Beasley, Tyrus Thomas, Millsap, Kaman, Okafor, Dalembert, Haywood, Bargnani, 


What trade would you like to see for jefferson. Keep in mind that if he keeps playing with the sore knee his stats will be lower, reducing his trade value. If he doesn't play, that could also hurt his trade value. 

What would be the "ideal trade" and what do you realistically expect to get?

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