Top Timberwolves Dunks of the Half-Season (2009-10, UPDATED!)

Welcome to the top Timberwolves dunks of the 2009-10 first half of the season. You will see dunks that count, some that don't, and even a couple of posterizations! Let's start out with the worst of the best dunks of the half-season.

21. Technically doesn't count, but it's okay.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves - (via rankaref)

20. Once again, it doesn't count, but it IS a dunk.


Golden State Warriors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves - (via rankaref)


19. Same as the previous two.

Minnesota vs. Dallas, Q3, 9:52 remaining - (via rankaref)

18. A nice dunk by Nathan Jawai. 

Nathan Jawai dunk vs. Indiana Pacers

17. A nice dunk by Kevin Love. Go to the middle (0:28) to see it.

7SoM: Fast BreakDown 4 - Knicks vs Timberwolves (via SevenSecondsOrMess)


16, 15. Two very similar dunks by Corey against the Jazz in the same game in different halves.

Corey Brewer two dunks vs. Jazz (12/5/09) (via LilPharmacist11)

14. A nice put-back dunk by Damien Wilkins.

Minnesota vs. Houston, Q2, 7:04 remaining - (via rankaref1)

13. A nice put-back dunk against the New Orleans Hornets by Ryan Hollins.

Ryan Hollins put-back slam against Hornets (via getbangedon)

12. A nice dunk, this time by Nathan Jawai.

Nathan Jawai NBA Rebound and Dunk (via crystaliza37)

11. An easy breakaway dunk by Jonny Flynn.


Johnny Flynn Wide Open For A Jam! (via Lakersrock101)

10: Corey Brewer with a very good dunk against the Grizz.

Dunk of the Night: Corey Brewer (via TheNBAWORLD)

9. Ryan Hollins with a powerful dunk against the Hornets.

Ryan Hollins Nearly Hits His Head On The Rim! (via Lakersrock101)

8. Corey goes past the Warriors' defense and dunks the ball.

Corey Brewer dunk against Golden State (via getbangedon)

7. Ryan Hollins with a very nice dunk over Nene.

Ryan Hollins Poster Dunk on Nene [11.25.09] (via vaLTmac101604)

6. Ryan Gomes with a rare posterization on Rasual Butler! Not the best video, but it's okay.

[OTR] Ryan Gomes Slams it Down Strong on the Break (via OTRBasketball)


5. Ryan Hollins with a great dunk against the Detroit Pistons.


Ryan Hollins Throws It Down on Detroit (10.22.09) PS (via vaLTmac101604)

4. Al Jefferson with a nice dunk. It's so high up mostly because of the amazing Jonny Flynn pass.

12-23-09 JF CASP AJ FTS (via 2500quality)

3. Ryan Hollins again, with an amazing dunk:

Ryan Hollins dunks on Andray Blatche (via getbangedon)

2. Damien, the next Dominique? A great dunk by Damien Wilkins over Nenad Krstic.


Damien Wilkens dunks on Nenad Krstic (via getbangedon)


1. And finally, for our favorite amazing dunk this season, let's see Corey's dunk on Derek Fisher one last time- or maybe a couple times.

Where Amazing Happens- Corey Brewer (via MNTwolvesAnalyst)

Well that's it for the top dunks of the half-season. Comments, questions, concerns?
















Wait... there are bonus dunks???


ricky rubio dunk (via carlosvillovela1992)



Panathinaikos basket (pekovic dunk) (via thenameless213)

BONUS DUNK #3 (From recommendation):

Johnny Flynn windmill dunk in vegas summer league (via Lakerfan3192)


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