New CBA proposal reinforces -- the argument to get Rubio here next season! the new CBA proposes to reduce rookie salaries by 1/3 and only guarantees half of that. .

As things stand now, in theory Rubio joins us in the summer of 2011, when the new CBA will come into effect or there will be a strike. 

How is the new CBA likely to affect rookies?

The goal of the NBA is to reduce the percentage of revenues going to the players  from 57% to about 45%..

The NBA also wants to reduce financial risk for teams. 

So contracts for veterans are worth less -- only $60 million max.

Its also bad for rookies: 

* First round draft picks salaries cut by 1/3

* all contracts in the new proposal would be guaranteed for only half of their value, and in some instances players would receive less than 50 percent.

[The first two bullet points effectively mean that a first round pick would only be guaranteed 1/3 of the money compared to the current CBA since he gets 2/3 of previous and only half of that is guaranteed. ]

Who will the union work hardest to protect? its first priority is to protect CURRENT UNION MEMBERS. Thats players who NOW play for teams. Until players are actually in the NBA they are not union members.  So the union has less incentive to protect rookie salaries, contract length, guaranteed payouts etc. etc. 

 Kahn should make the case with Rubio that he should come over this coming summer before the new CBA adversely affects his salary etc.

European contracts are more flexible than ours.  So he Rubio should be able to get out of his contract if he really wants to.  All its takes is some goodwill and compensation.   If my argument is sound Rubio could "reduce" his financial risk  by coming over sooner. 

What do you think?


Additional info. New CBA Proposal: 

* proposal effectively seeks a "hard" salary cap, eliminating tools such as the Bird and midlevel exceptions that allow teams over the cap to sign free agents.

* Commissioner David Stern has said the central issue will be the division of revenues, with players currently collecting 57 percent of the basketball-related income. The person said that would decrease to less than 45 percent using the current BRI formula


see the full new CBA proposal - here:;_ylt=Ag1I7UgKRwSflaewwtbkGTW8vLYF?slug=ap-all-star-labor&prov=ap&type=lgns

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