Bracket reaction (prospect matchups):

So the brackets just got released, and I see quite a few good match-ups to watch from a prospect standpoint...

Midwest Region:

  • Round of 32: (good chance) A potential match-up of James Anderson versus Evan Turner.  How nice would this be to watch?
  • Sweet 16: (low chance) Potential match-up of Derrick Favors and Greg Monroe.  Would mean that the Yellow Jackets would have to pull off two upsets, but seeing these two guys go against each other would be a treat.
  • Elite 8: (decent chance) Monroe versus Aldrich.  The only reason I'd hope for Evan Turner to lose in the tournament.  If Monroe can't go up against Favors, then this would be the next best thing to see where he truly stands.
  • Elite 8: (decent chance) Evan Turner versus Xavier Henry.  Not quite as fun to watch as Anderson and Turner, but still... also get to see how Turner handles driving against a defensive big.

West Region:

  • Round of 64: (lock) Elias Harris versus Chris Singleton. Should tell us a lot about where Harris stacks up because Singleton is one of the best Forward defenders in the NCAA.
  • Round of 32: (lock) The winner of that match-up will go up against Wesley Johnson... this group of games will be awesome to judge the SF talent.  Either player offers a good barometer for Johnson.
  • Round of 32: (great chance) A potential Gordon Hayward against Jeff Taylor match-up in the second round.  Hayward is a great offensive player and will be a good test for Taylor's defensive skills if they get matched up against one another - which I think they will.
  • Sweet 16: (decent chance) Wesley Johnson against Jeff Taylor.  Taylor will be yet another test for Johnson to see if he can produce against a good defender.

East Region:

  • Round of 64: (lock) Al-Farouq Aminu versus Damion James.  Man, two tough-nosed SF/PF's that are the focal point for their respective teams.  This is probably the second best first round game to watch.
  • Round of 64: (lock) Quincy Pondexter versus Jimmy Butler.  Jimmy who?  He's a slashing SF who is a solid defender.  Nice match-up to watch to gauge Pondexter.
  • Round of 32: (good chance) Texas against Kentucky.  Wall versus Bradley, Patterson versus James, and Cousins versus Pittman all seem like it would make for great television.  I really, really hope this happens.
  • Round of 32: (decent chance) Darington Hobson versus Quincy Pondexter in a potential round two match-up. Two SFs vying for a mid/late first round selection, and each prospect has their avid supporters.
  • Round of 32: (good chance) Devin Ebanks against Trevor Booker.  Ebanks needs a good showing in the tournament if he wants to declare.  Booker needs a great showing in the tournament if he wants to be a 1st round pick.
  • Sweet 16: (good chance) Darington Hobson against Devin Ebanks' defense.  I think Hobson would be on Butler defensively, but Ebanks would almost assuredly be asked to guard Hobson for the majority of the game.  If Hobson can't produce against him, then I think he's looking at late-first selection, but if he does produce and they win... he could be a late-lottery guy.
  • Elite 8: (good chance) Kentucky versus West Virginia's defense.  Sure, there's not the good man-to-man pairings like with Texas, but as a whole, this would be a wildly entertaining game.  Ebanks on Wall would be fun to watch at times.

South Region:

  • Round of 32: (great chance) Ekpe Udoh against Luke Harangody.  While Harangody isn't a great pro prospect, he has the type of college game which is a good test for Udoh's defensive and rebounding abilities.
  • Elite 8: (decent chance) Ekpe Udoh against Zoubek and Plumlee.  Two physical players to see how Udoh handles physical interior play.

Too many Final Four match-ups to list, but I'm hoping to see Ohio State versus Syracuse for Turner versus Johnson, and then Kentucky versus Baylor to see Udoh against both Patterson and Cousins, and then Wall against Tweety Carter.  Ohio State versus Kentucky in the Championship game would then be spectacular.

What are the match-ups you guys most look forward to from either a prospect or just a basketball standpoint?

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