Because I have a half hour until my fantasy baseball draft...

I thought I would write up my Wolves off season predictions...just like a bunch already have.


First...who is on contract for next year?










Second...who is staying put?


1.Everyone but one of the Love/Jefferson combo and/or one of the Flynn/Sessions combo. Also, if Hollins could be gotten ridden of then he is gone too.  That is, four or five players from this years team will be with the team next year...


1.Flynn or Sessions (only one)

2.Love or Jefferson (only one)



5.Hollins many wins do we project to win next year? 30


1. This means we need some semblance of continuity with this year, player acclimation.

2. Talent improvement, draft and trades

3. Evening out the roster positionally.


Fourth...what trades do we do?


1. Jefferson and Charlotte pick to Indiana for Troy Murphy and their #1 Pick

2. If we get #1 overall and draft John Wall then...we trade Sessions and the Utah pick to move up and take an athletic big with good hands and a high BBIQ (the anti-Hollins)

3. If we get Evan Turner then we keep both Flynn and Sessions unless a nice little deal comes though, but no need to move either one.


Fifth...recap roster...


1. Flynn/Sessions

2. Ellington

3. Brewer

4. Love/Murphy

5. Hollins


Sixth...draft...we pick 2 very early (our pick and Indiana's) and 1 middle plus three 2nd rounders (I think)


1. We want Wall or Turner...if it takes trading both of the higher picks then we do it.

2. We want athletic big with hands and high BBIQ with middle pick.

3. We want to fill our roster with 2nd rounders.


Seventh...recap again

If we get #1 pick...

1. Wall/Flynn

2. Ellington/(Johnson or Aminu w/Indiana pick)

3. Brewer

4. Love/Murphy

5. Big Drafted/Hollins


If we get 2nd pick....

1. Flynn/Sessions

2. Turner/Ellington

3. Brewer/ Johnson or Aminu

4. Love/Murphy

5. Big Drafted/Hollins


If we get 3rd thru 5th pick...we cry.


Eighth...we bring in Pekovic and never let Hollins off the bench.

1. Same rosters as above only with Pekovic in front of Hollins (and probably the rookie as well)


Ninth...we take a nap....

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