MN Twolves: Who Calls The Shots?

Question: Who makes the basketball decisions in MN? Is David Kahn an advisor or (to quote a great man) the decider?

Wojnarowski (03.22.10)

"Looking back, maybe Allen should’ve just let Pritchard leave for the Minnesota Timberwolves when he wanted to go interview with them. Pritchard wanted to talk with them, a source close to him says, but Allen refused to grant permission. Pritchard and LeGarie hatched a plan to push Penn for the job, who never seriously considered taking it. After all, the control of basketball operations in Minnesota belongs to the owner’s son-in-law, Rob Moor, who acts as team president."


Perhaps there's a bit of subtlety to the phrase "control of basketball operations" but isn't David Kahn's title President of Basketball Operations?  

After he was hired, Glen Taylor assured fans that he had substantive control of basketball decisions.  


initial press conference:


"*Glen, as you went through the process and as we read about the process, certain names, we were lead to believe, fell out of the running or took themselves out because they craved a certain level of control that you allegedly weren't willing to give. How real was that resistance, and can you talk about the implication that there's certain strings attached to David's position now?*


GT: Let me say it to you this way now, that is false. I don't know how stronger to say that. That is just inaccurate, false, I know those statements did not come from those candidates, because it was never talked about, and I know it didn't come from anyone who did the interviews, so I don't know where that came from. I can tell you that David responding here is what every candidate was told, basically I'll say it in smaller words: that if you're coming here, you want success. If you want success, you're going to have to have control over your own future. TO have control over your own future, you're going to have to make decisions and you're going to be held accountable for those decisions. Those decisions will be yours in every way. I expect you on major decisions, and I talked about in terms of what a major decision would be, a money expenditure, that you need to come to me and get approval before doing that like any other owner. They all understood that, they all accepted that, and they all appreciated that. I said this to every one, I wouldn't take this job if I put controls over you, because you will never be measured on your own decisions. That's why those statements are so inaccurate because with each candidate that was sort of a standard thing, David heard it."


Finally, Taylor denied making a formal offer to Tom Penn.  Yet, apparently, there is a copy of an official offer making the rounds. [I can't find a source on this. But I read somewhere that someone has a copy of the formal offer.  UPDATE: PoorDick Provides a source in the comments. ESPN claims to have a hard copy of the offer.]

(again from initial press conference)



*I guess this is for both Glen and David, you mentioned that no one else had been offered the job even though Tom Pen (??)'s agent says otherwise. With that situation and the situation of guys like Randy Pfund and Dennis Lindsay saying at some point that they weren't interested in the job, the impression is that David is like the third or fourth choice. Can you both address the feeling of that?* (Jerry Z)


GT: I'd say that's completely wrong. I don't know how stronger to say it. That's inaccurate. They're all, all of those people are fine people, good people, but I'll stand by word and experience.

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