Kahn's First Year


Hey, first time poster here wanted to throw out some of my ideas on the transactions Kahn has made for this team.

The first thing I'll start with is Kurt Rambis. Frankly, I like him as a head coach, and I think he has established a good core of assistant coaches around him. He has been a good motivator, and even though we still get blown out we at least continue to put worth great effort, IE the Lakers game. However, Rambis seems to be a my way or the highway coach, refusing to change and adjust on the fly to better suit the players. Kevin Love needs to see more minutes, leading me to believe that there is a rift between him and Rambis. Jonny Flynn clearly doesn't have the skill sets to succeed in the triangle, as he is a strictly pick and roll score first point guard.

Onward to the draft. I'll look at the trades first. The first major move of the Kahn era was trading Randy Foye and Mike Miller for the #5 pick in the draft, Etan Thomas, Darius Songalia, and Oleksiy Pecherov. This might end up going down as one of the greatest steals in the history of the NBA as the pick was later used on Ricky Rubio. If Ricky Rubio ever comes over and reaches his full potential we would have basically traded two life long bench players on bad teams, for the next Steve Nash. Ricky Rubio coming over seems like a big if at this point, but I think it is well worth the risk espiecally considering what Randy Foye and Mike Miller have done so far on the Wizards. The second trade that Kahn made in relation to the draft was trading the 17th pick in the draft for the Charlotte pick (which looks like it will be around 16 this year). This is another great move in my opinion, because if things stay the way they are we would have traded the pick for a better pick in a deeper draft class, I personally am hoping Xavier Henry drops to that pick.

For me Kahn did a great job with these trades, in both cases he got great value. However, his draft picks are where it gets iffy for me. I am going to leave my opinions about the Rubio pick out for now as it is a subject we will not know for certain for another year and change. Jonny Flynn was above and beyond my favorite player in the draft, I loved his leadership, his work ethic, his speed, his scoring ability, his willingness to be coached, and his clutchness. I still want to see Jonny Flynn succeed. However, this is why you do not make major roster decisions without having a head coach in place. Kurt Rambis' system emphasizes the exact opposite of Flynn's strengths. I personally believe that if Jonny Flynn was playing for Milwaukee instead of Brandon Jennings, he would be putting up stronger numbers and be competing for ROY, like Jennings is now. However, Flynn is handcuffed by the system, and as he has said, its like learning a different language. The next pick made was Wayne Ellington, he is another player that I love. He brings a lot of things to the team that is underrated. Right now he is our second best 3 point shooter, and are best as of late. He is a very underrated rebounder. Hustles and plays with great intensity game in and game out. And most importantly he produces when he is given minutes. He is a player that needs to be seeing 25+ minutes a game. The next pick that was made was Nick Calathes, which we basically gave to Dallas for cash, there are no guarentees when he is coming over, but I don't have a problem stashing an asset like him in Europe and hoping he develops, thats why I hate that we gave him away for nothing. The next pick I have no feelings about, because I have no idea who Henk Norel is.

The first signing that Kahn made in free agency was Ryan Hollins. Ryan Hollins is an athetically gifted big man, thats about it, he isn't a basketball player. Since the Darko trade (more on that later) he has basically completely fallen out of the rotation. He looks like a career bench warmer who might be able to give a spark in 1 or 2 game stretches but nothing more. Ramon Sessions signed next which was a big shocker to me, because I felt that they were going to hand the keys to the franchise over to Flynn. Ramon Sessions is more of a facilitator for Flynn, but Flynn is a better scorer. I don't like this signing because I feel like both Flynn and Sessions can develop into very good point guards, but with them being on the same team, there just aren't enough minutes for both of them to go around. I at first though that Sessions was going to be traded at the deadline, since he wasn't and if he doesn't get traded over the summer I have no idea what the long term future of both Sessions and Flynn will be. This is a subject to watch closely this summer who stays Flynn or Sessions because there aren't enough minutes in Sota for both.

The next move Kahn made was trading 3 players, Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith, and Mark Madesen who all contributed a great deal to the team in previous years, Madsen contributed greatly as a lockerroom guy, for basically Mark Blount. We have to ask ourselves would we rather have these three guys including Telfair for 2.7 million next year, or Ramon Sessions for almost 4 million next year. I don't like what they are doing with Sessions on this team right now, so I would rather have those three guys, espiecally Madsen who would be great in the locker room this season.

The next three trades that happened are all moves that I would like to see Kahn make more of, taking advantage of teams in luxury tax. Basically, we got a look at Alando Tucker, Nathan Jawai, and Darko Millic for nothing, and I mean nothing. We basically got a free look at 3 young players, 2 of which look like they have no future in the NBA, Jawai and Tucker. Just because Tucker and Jawai didn't work out doesn't mean they were bad trades, we got a free look at young players, and there isn't anything wrong with that for a young developing team. And that leads me to Darko Millic, as he might finally live up to some of his potential in Minnesota under Kurt Rambis. As of right now I like the move, because he brings size and defense to a team that was lacking both. I will love the trade if Kahn and Rambis can convince him to stay and that he has a real future in Minnesota because I think he can be a great piece next to Kevin Love.

All in all I never expected anything from this season. I expected a lot of losses, and around 20 wins, probably won't reach that. Rambis has a lot of growing to do as a head coach, and he has a lot to learn about adjusting to the players that you have, but all in all I like his future as a head coach. Kahn has a make or break summer approaching, as it is very clear right now that this team does not have the foundation necessary to be a championship caliber team, let alone perenial playoff team. This summer is going to answer a lot of questions about the long term future of several Timberwolves, Gomes, and Jefferson are the first names that come to mind. No ones job is safe right now. All in all I am going to have to mark up Kahns first year as a failure, he did not acquire a single player that any of us can feel comfortable saying they are going to be a difference maker for this team in the future. I'll do a right up later about what I think the Timberwolves should do and what I think the Timberwolves will do.

Comments appreciated as this is my first post.

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