Corey Brewer: Why the love affair?

I joined this site less than a year ago.  I have enjoyed the statistical emphasis placed on analysis by many of the regular members here.  This is the most statistically analytical Wolves site I've been a part of.  Given this, one thing I don't get...why does everyone love Corey Brewer?

Given the love of stats, I can't for the life of me figure out why so many seem to love/defend Corey Brewer.  It seems like he's many people's "favorite" player and I've seen countless future lineups with him in as a starter or least 6th man. Why?  Are we still hanging onto his draft position to justify giving him potential?  I know he's a hard worker and a nice guy, but I can't find any stat that says he's even an average player.

Brewer is sporting a PER of 11.9, TS% of 0.498, and a WP48 0.018 in this his "MIP" season.  His rebounding numbers are worse than when he was a rookie and his assist/steal advanced percentages are really unchanged.  He had the hot Jan/Feb, but since then has been back to earth.  The only thing I can see he's increased is his usage.

The MIP stuff is funny to me actually.  He's really improved because coming off his rookie season he had to make huge leaps to get to below average.

Corey was sold as a defensive wiz, but I've yet to see anything that shows he can be a plus in that regard.  He's disruptive, but not overtly and there's no stats (I know defensive metrics have big flaws) that suggest he's anything close to a shutdown defender even if that's an extinct bird these days. 

Can someone give me a logical reason for the Brewer love?  Personally, I would try to capatilize on his perceived MIP type status via a trade for a legitimate wing (in combo with something else:  Jefferson, etc.).  Flynn, Brewer, and Jefferson for Granger and TJ Ford?

Corey Brewer could maybe fit as a 4th wing off the bench behind some legitmate starters and a better shooting bench guy.  I just don't know how we resign him to that kind of contract when it's due after next year.   He's going to want a raise from his rookie deal. Personally I'd much rather jettison Brewer and put his money towards a Josh Childress.  $4-5 million per year forChildress is going to be much better value than Brewer's next deal IMO. 

Brewer's a likeable guy.  I'm just not seeing how he's a valuable asset on the court.  Tell me why I'm wrong.  Flame on.

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