Wings On The Move

As fans and wolves front office personnel have lamented, the team is in desperate need of wings who:

1. Have legitimate size.

2. Can shoot.

3. Are athletic.

4. Can defend.

Yes there has been a lot of talk on this site about possibilities at this position, but recently there has been movement on various mock drafts with some key players at the 2 & 3 positions.

1. Paul George - SF, Fresno St.

I'll admit I've never seen him play.  He has moved up to mid teens on, from mid 20's previously.  His bio compares him to Danny Granger.  Hmmm...  Gotta love the sound of that.

2. Avery Bradley - SG - Texas

Has moved up to mid teens as well.  I see him as a guy who's game translates extremely well to the pros.  A lot of fans on this site would probably be upset if we picked him, as we've had a crap run on undersized 2 guards in the last few years.  Hopefully if we pass on him he won't make fools of us.

3. Kyle Singler - SF, Duke

He really did put it all together in the big dance.  Really fulfilled his promise in front of everyone.  He can flat out shoot.  He showed a lot of other aspects to his game in the tourney too.  Has risen above Heyward to the late teens on

4. Damion James - SF, Texas

Has risen to mid teens on  I think he may end up being better than some of the higher profile wings in this draft.

5. James Anderson - SG, Okie State

This is my guy.  He hasn't really moved up or down on either site, just want to get him on this post as someone I hope we consider.

6. Ebanks - SF, West Virginia

The 2 sites are way apart on him. loves him in the mid teens, with dissing him at the end of round 1. 

Other 2's and 3's that could be considered:

Willie Warren, Lance Stephenson, Gordon Heyward, Dominique Jones, Quincy Pondexter.

And of course you've got the top tier of Turner, Johnson, Aminu, Henry. 

At this point, if there is a choice between 2 guys, and we have them ranked close, I say we err on the side of length, size, and athleticism.  In other words, if Ebanks, Singler, and Heyward are there at our Utah pick and we like all 3, I'm hoping we would go with Ebanks (even though I'm not a huge fan of his).  You get my drift.  2 questions for you.  Who would you target among these prospects, and why do you think there has been such big movements recently even though the college hoops season has wrapped up some time ago?

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