End of Season Press Conference

Lots of stuff here, nothing shattering though.

Some highlights:

Flynn and Sessions are sticking around for a few days so that Rambis can work with them on their shooting.  Sessions in particular needs lots of work.

Taylor is committed to spending money (sorry Poor Dick) and has reiterated that to Kahn several times.

FA:  We've got the money which is a must.  We won't get a FA with a short term outlook.  Kahn thinks that this area can be attractive (referenced the Mauer contract) in that fans support winning teams and that a player who sees a 10-12 year career ahead of him and is willing to work at building something.  Rudy Gay seems pretty obvious here as a target.

 Changes ahead?  We've got to get better from within and from outside the organization.  We need 3 or 4 new players.  No plan in Kahn's back pocket. 

Lottery:  Don't be overwrought about the lottery.  Again said that it's not where you land post lottery, it's where you land on draft night.  Also said that picking 4-6 can often yield just as good a player historically.  Don't be overwrought about the lottery.

Again said we need a #1 player.  Kahn said "we're not smart enough to think we know better than history" in terms of where that player will come from referencing how historically #1 guys come from the draft. 

Does he regret dumping the vets last year?  No.  Could have squeezed out a few more wins and made Rambis's job easier, but long term it was the right move.  Rambis agreed.

FA:  Won't go for a mercenary.  Kahn didn't seem to think that there were a ton of better FA sitiuations out there in terms of winning cultures.  Maybe a team with a star already in place (referring to Wade/Miami).  Brought up flexability of trading with our cap room and sign and trades. 

Wolves have doing research on potential FAs from the time Kahn arrived.

There will be a trickle down effect in FA based on LeBron and the upper level FAs.

The team was worse defensively than offensively.  Brewer is only the real defensive kind of guy we've got, but he's not perfect and needs a lot of help to do what he does best (per Rambis).

Per Rambis, the team didn't connect as a team.  "We were a team in that we had the same uniforms on."  That's it.  No real on court chemistry for any extended period of time.  Pockets here and there.  Rambis referenced Kobe and Roy as stabalizing guys that good teams need.

Kahn:  Everything is on the table.  All needs to be explored.  We're not good enough. 

Conclusion on Al and Love.  It's not that they can't coexist, they just need a 3rd guy to complement both.  Talked about the Celtics with Parish, Maxwell and McHale.  Maxwell only left after they won a title.  Lakers and Blazers now have 3 good bigs/depth.  Teams need depth on the frontline.  Wolves need additional players with Love and Jefferson.  If it's not Darko it's someone else.

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