Big Men from Around the League

Strong indications from David Kahn are that he is convinced that the team needs a player like Darko Milicic--presumably meaning a full-sized center who has a presence in the paint defensively.  He also has said recently that he doesn't think Jefferson and Love can play together very much due to the defensive deficiencies, but that he doesn't think one of them has to go, as long as they have a 3rd player up front that works (like Darko).  The implication is that we may wind up with a Jefferson/Milicic/Love front line (again) next season. 

I can't see that working.  First, we saw that it didn't work already.  Darko does some nice things, and I would be OK with bringing him back, but he isn't THAT much of a defensive stalwart.  We saw him get torched more than once during his stint.  My main problem is that such a front line is just too lacking in mobility and athleticism.  I suspect (though don't know) that Kahn realizes this too, but isn't just going to announce: "yeah, I have to get rid of one my bigs." 

At any rate, over the fold is a list of NBA big men that, to one degree or another might serve the needs of the T-Wolves assuming they bring Darko back.  This isn't an exhaustive list, as I left off guys that there is no chance to acquire (no Dwight Howard, for example), and I'm sure I missed some guys.  It also isn't a list of guys all of whom I personally would want.  Think of it as a survey of the type of player that might be out there, at greater or lesser cost.  I'm sure some of the guys below would ultimately be unavailable too, but they are all guys who I can at least imaging conversations about.

1. JaVale McGee, Wizards.  Maybe my number 1 target, a shot blocking machine who is 22 years old and played limited minutes for the Wiz.  Led the league in blk%.  Does some other things as well.  Problem is he's still on his rookie deal (drafted the same year as KLove), and it's tough to see the incentive for the Wiz to move him.  

2. Anthony Randolph, GSW.  Also from the 2008 draft class, and loved by the Warrior fans, we've discussed him before.  Suffered serious ankle injuries and missed most of this season.  Don't know about his availability, but certainly an interesting player if he can stay healthy. 

3. Tyson Chandler, Bobcats.  Lacks durability, but helps defend the paint well.  Has a large player option for next season that one imagines he will exercise ($12.75M), but could be available in trade depending on the direction the Jordans want to go and their concern about payroll. 

4. Tyrus Thomas Bobcats.  Perhaps was available to the Wolves at the deadline?  At any rate, he's a RFA this summer with a QO over $6 million.  Probably not worth that kind of jing, but he is athletic and he does block shots.

5. Joakim Noah Bulls.  We've discussed him at length.  Almost certainly not available, but certainly the athletic, defensive big man that the Wolves need. 

6. Emeka Okafor, Hornets.  Long, expensive contract.  On the other hand, he defends and blocks shots, and isn't a zero on offense either.  Also, durable (an often underappreciated quality).  Played 82 games each of the last 3 seasons. 

7. Samuel Dalembert, 76ers.  We all know about him.  Entering the final year of his contract, probably overpaid, but not for long.  Would certainly help defensively.  Also durable; 4 straight 82 game seasons.  Plus, speaks French! 

8. Taj Gibson, Bulls.  Probably close to untouchable, had a great rookie year for a late first rounder.  Scrappy.  Maybe undersized, but gets his share of blocks.  (14th in blk%).

9. Chris Andersen, Nuggets.  Great energy guy and shot blocker; signed to a terrific contract ($4-$5 million a year for the next 4 years).  As a result, almost certainly not available. Too good a deal for the Nuggets to want to move him.  You never know, though, I guess. 

10.  Joel Anthony, Heat. Least known guy on the list.  2nd in the league in blk% in about 16 minutes a game.  I've seen him listed as both an RFA and UFA, and frankly I'm not sure which it is.  Not clear whether he can do enough else besides bruise and block shots to increase his role, but could be worth a cheap flyer. 

11. Ben Wallace, Pistons.  OK, he's too old, and nowhere near what he was.  Still played in 70 games this year and blocked more than a shot per game.  UFA. 

12. Marcin Gortat, Magic.  Probably more the type of guy you consider if Milicic doesn't come back.  Good defensive center, limited minutes behind Howard, probably too expensive, but then size costs. 

13. Robin Lopez, Suns. Still on rookie deal, would require taking on some other salary probably.

14.  Jason Thompson, Kings. Not the most consistent, but flashes.  Another 2008 draftee.  Might be available depending on what the Kings do in the draft and free agency. 

15. Hamed Haddadi, Grizzlies. 3rd string center, big, has shown some potential. 


Do you like any of these guys?  Anyone else you have your eye on?  What sort of deal would it take to get your favorite?

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