2010 Draft Picks

I believe the Twolves need to improve their Defense, Length and Athleticism. My perfect starting five would be a 6'4" point guard, 6'7 shooting guard, 6'9" small forward, 6'10" power forward and a 7'0" center. Assuming they all play defense and are athletic.

We have a start with Rubio 6'4", Brewer 6'9", Love 6'10", Jefferson 6'10", Darko 7"0" and Sessions 6'3". It could be debated that some of these players don't play defense or are not athletic.

Most of us agree we need better wing players. With that being said, I would love a draft of Turner 6'7" SG, Xavier Henry 6'7" SG, and Stanley Robinson 6'9" SF. I believe these players could be available at 2,16 and 23 respectively.

Turner is known to be a good athlete and an aggressive defender. PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE.

Henry is "not an explosive athlete" and might have a problem "guarding the more quicker and dynamic SG's".  Even though I want Henry I worry about his defense.

Robinson is "an athletic lanky forward" that "moves his feet well on defense". Wolves would be very lucky to get Robinson with the 23rd pick.

Draft express has us picking Turner, Henry and Paul George ( 6'7" SF ). I would love this outcome also.

George is a "long athletic wing" with a "so so motor". Wolves have enough "So So Motors".

TheHoopsreport has us picking Turner, Devin Ebanks ( 6'9" SF ) and Luke Babbit ( 6'9" SF ).

Ebanks is an "athletic forward" with a "good motor" and an "excellent rebounder". The more I learn about Ebanks the more I like him.

Babbitt is "not a great athlete", who "lacks the size to play the 4" and the lateral quickness to guard a 3". Please dear god, Please NO!!!!!!!!.

HoopsWorld has us picking Turner, Ed Davis ( 6'10" PF ) and Gordon Hayward ( 6' 8" SF ).

Ed Davis is an "active big man" whose "motor runs very high" and is an "excellent rebounder" and "good shot blocker". Why in the world would be want ANOTHER PF like similar to what we already have?

Hayward is "not an elite athlete" and "lacks great lateral quickness". Pretty Please No!!!!

One caveat to all this is I would like the Wolves to pick Daniel Orton ( 6'10" C ) with the 23rd pick if he is available, which I do not believe will the the case. He breaks my 7'0" center rule but he has a "huge wingspan". He is a "strong, physical big man", and is a "good rebounder" and "solid shot blocker". I believe the probabilities are very high that if Orton stayed in school a few more years he might have been a very high lottery pick. This pick would be a good gamble for the Twolves to take with this late first round pick.

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