Who do we keep to build around our top draft pick?

Pretend our bad lottery luck ends and we get the number one or two pick in the draft, and we get Wall or Turner. They are both good enough to be 'the guy,' but are both very different players. How do we change our roster to cater to each of them?

If we pick John Wall it seems that we have to move (or continue moving) towards a faced paced open court team. As I see it there are only a few people on the team that can help us do that:

Corey Brewer, Kevin Love, Johnny Flynn, and Wayne Ellington.

These all pretty much revolve around the ability to run. I believe Love can run more if he is pressured to, and of course he can really start a break. Flynn would be a really good player off the bench and in limited minutes along with Wall, and Wayne is young and has proven to be willing to make hustle plays.

The rest are just dead weight if John Wall is on the team. If you go with the comparison that Wall is similar to Rose, and you look at the Bulls as an example, it is clear that Noah may be the only player on that team that truly meshes with Rose. If your point guard is an athletic play-maker then you need players who can run and who don't need the ball in their hands to make plays. That means Jefferson is not going to help us; look at Deng on the bulls. He is a very good player, but can't make plays unless the balls is in his hands, and is redundant with a player like Rose.

This means Jefferson does almost nothing to help our team with John Wall as the leader. Darko is also in the same boat. Similar to Shaq on the the Cavs, he just slows the game down too much and takes away our strengths. Sessions becomes expendable, and the rest probably aren't worth talking about.


But what if we get Turner? I believe our team has to look a lot different. Staying with the comparisons, one might say Turner is similar to Roy. This would mean you need a slow-down, grind-out offense. In this scenario, basically, more players become usable.

Jefferson could help us by being an inside scoring presence, and in this scenario Love's rebound ability is a bit redundant and his break starting ability isn't as useful. Darko is also a big key, because if your offense is slow, you really need to be able to play some defense. Lastly, it seems to me that Sessions is the point guard you want running your team. Flynn is always an exciting option to bring off the bench, but he isn't really too useful except for a change of pace, and he can't run the offense like we need for this team. Getting Turner might require less of a roster blow-up, as other bench players like Gomes or Wilkins still have the potential to help us.


Some closing notes:

I believe Wall is the player we want with the number one pick. I feel Wall is a better Rose and Turner is a better Roy, and looking at those two teams I have a lot more faith in Rose for 10 more years than in Roy.

Wall also stays with our run-and-gun mentality, and allows us to keep Kevin Love, a player that I feel will be an x-factor on many great teams in his career.

Rubio can be a major factor on either of these teams, and unless we have the chance to get Wall AND Turner from the draft he shouldn't be traded.

Rubio can obviously play the distributor on the Turner/Jefferson team, but I also believe that due to their size and athleticism he could play major minutes alongside Wall.


I didn't factor in the possibility of other draft picks or trades that might influence each of these scenarios, so these are just observations of our teams as is, but there is a lot of room for other opinions and alternatives routes, and I would be curious to see what other people think.

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