Let's be honest. Will Kevin Love or Al Jefferson ever fit an uptempo offense?

So I've been thinking about what to do if we're forced into drafting Derrick Favors and its brought me to the conclusion...

Maybe we should!!

When I think of John Wall or Ricky Rubio running down the floor I get all excited until I imagine the part about the big men loping from the back court.  Favors could be the PF answer to this problem with his athleticism.

The problem is I like both Big Al and KLove for their abilities, and let's be honest, they're probably 1 and 2 as far as best players on the team.  I'd hate to trade either of our best players, but if they can't run the floor well enough, we will never make this team work.

The good news is also the bad news here, as I think these guys both played pretty out of shape this year.  Meaning, yay, they could potentially be a lot better, and, boo, they have work to do.  

Big Al at least has the excuse of coming back from the ACL and having to learn to play so much lighter this year, KLove doesn't have an excuse as he was healthy all off season and his broken hand didn't mean he couldn't do cardio.  (In fact I believe KLove coming off the bench was Rambis' way of telling KLove he needs to work on his body.  His core strength is for crap and so is his balance.)

So, either way we gamble.  Keep our guys and hope they get quicker/faster, or trade them and nab Favors?

My vote is to keep them.  If they both improve and can learn what their roles are on this team we could have an awesome force with Al's scoring and KLove's toughness/rebounding and wicked sweet 3 pointer (dream).  I'm glad to hear Al is working with Hakeem the Dream to improve defense.  I think he'll be a lot better next year.  Hopefully KLove will follow suit and put on a little athletic bulk to go with better flexibility.

If we add 2 shooters in the offseason, either draft or free agency, and these guys get better, our team could be fierce in the future.

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