Evan Turner Already Dropping???

I know I've been banging this drum quite a bit, but I thought I'd highlight a recent article posted by Jonah Ballow on You can find it at this link

In the article each team's lead writer (the Jonah Ballow equivalent) writes a summary of their team needs. Most teams are set on John Wall as the #1 pick, but it looks like quite a few would justify picking Favors or Cousins at #2 or #3. I'll highlight some of the comments after the jump....

New Jersey Nets:

The Nets are set at center with Brook Lopez and have a former All-Star at the point in Devin Harris. Courtney Lee worked through a tough start to earn a prominent future role in the swingman rotation, with the bulk of his time coming at the 2. That leaves the quickest road to improvement traveling through the two forward spots, though rookie Terrence Williams came on strong at the 3 toward the end of the year and established himself as part of the team’s developing core.

President Rod Thorn has previously mentioned the benefits of bringing a tough-defending, volume-rebounding "moose" to play alongside Brook Lopez, which would certainly complement Yi Jianlian and Kris Humphries in the forward rotation while stiffening a porous D. Athleticism could be a deciding factor, because the key returning players are all impressive in transition.

From their description, it sure sounds like Derrick Favors would be the best non-John Wall fit.


Sacramento Kings

"In general we want to continue to get better defensively, get better at rebounding and we want to keep our competitive level high," Paul Westphal said. "We want to improve our free throw shooting, cut down on our turnovers, do a better job of guarding the ball and blocking shots if they do get to the basket on us. Anything we can do to improve ourselves in those areas, we’re looking to do that."

DeMarcus Cousins anyone???


Detroit Pistons

it’s really going to depend where in the top three. If you buy that John Wall is the clear-cut difference maker in this draft class, then it will be hard for the Pistons to ignore him even given their perimeter glut should they beat 5.3 percent odds to get the No. 1 pick. But if they land at 2 or 3 and have their choice of DeMarcus Cousins and Derrick Favors, then I’d expect a spirited debate about that decision among Joe Dumars and his staff.

No subtlety about this one. They don't even discuss the possibility of drafting Evan Turner.


Also, here is another article from Andy Katz

Here's an interesting tidbit...

Favors and Cousins had a few votes for No. 2, and once the order in which teams are selected to draft is announced, it should give a better indication of where those two big men might land, depending on the need of the teams selecting.


Every team contacted said the only scenario in which Wall wouldn't go No. 1 is if Utah were to win the top pick by virtue of owning the New York Knicks' selection. The Jazz have an All-Star and Olympian, Deron Williams, at the point. If Utah were to get the No. 1 pick, that would open the opportunity for Favors or Cousins to supplant Wall as the top pick.

As I've said before, Evan Turner's stock will never be higher then it was at the end of the NCAA tourney. The more time GM's have, the more likely it is that Evan Turner will drop. The fact that some Front Office executives are already dropping Turner makes the notion that Evan Turner might drop to 3 or 4 even more promising.

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