My crazy offseason plan is crazier than your crazy offseason plan

So I was recently looking at all of these "bad" contracts and teams trying to create cap space and I came to some not-so-logical conclusions. And before you start responding about how this will never happen, I'll let you know that I realize that the odds of anything even similar to this are about 0%. But it's for fun and just showing that maybe these bad contracts aren't that bad after all... if you know how to use them that is.

Well for starters, some bad contracts out there (and let me know if I am missing anyone): Arenas, Hamilton, B.Gordon, Villanueva, Hinrich, Deng, Brand, Dalembert, Maggette, and that's all I've really got right now... I'm drawing a blank, help me out people! Also, poor Detroit and Philly (Igoudala just barely avoided this list)...


After the lottery and before the draft we are going to get the Pistons to send us Rip Hamilton and their pick for Ramon Sessions, Ryan Gomes (and his money/cap savings), the Charlotte pick, and Ryan Hollins. The only reason I don't think this will happen is because I fully expect the Pistons to end up with a top 3 pick... Pistons have too big of a market not to (wink wink). Ok I don't really know if I buy into that, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pistons are close to the top of the priority list if it is true. Anyways, so we get Rip Hamilton and their pick while saving the Pistons a massive pile of money and cap space, giving them a good PG, and sending them some hope back in the form of their pick (if they would settle for Utah's or none at all, great!).

Come draft day, we are going to grab Derrick Favors (could even trade down if we are in the second spot) with our top pick. With the Piston pick we will take Cole Aldrich. And Kevin Seraphin will be the target for our Utah/Charlotte pick and then have him stay in France for a year (though we could use him if he did want to come over).

 I have no idea how badly Washington wants to get rid of Arenas, but I'd imagine if we offered them Al Jefferson and Jonny Flynn, I'd have to imagine that they would be willing to cough up JaVale McGee and the 30th pick or maybe even their top pick (if they don't move up or if they move down a spot or two). I really have absolutely no idea on the situation with Arenas and the Wizards, so if anyone has any idea what's going on there it'd be great to hear! But I imagine we could get them to toss in at least something extra if we send them Jefferson and Flynn.

We now have a couple possibilities depending on how FA is going. If Miami is looking to sign 2 big names, we help them by taking Beasley (or we could probably even get him anyways) off of their payroll and possibly the 18th pick or a future unprotected first (not that it would be outside of the 25-30 range if they got Wade back and another FA anyways). If Chicago has the upper hand, we try to facilitate a sign and trade in which we a) are the third team that takes Deng for some cap space and a Gomes/Ellington/Brewer type player (Personally I'd prefer to keep Brewer in this crazy scenario for his disruptive defense and to see what he can do when surrounded by other defenders) or b) if we have the cap room at this point we can do the S&T completely by ourselves to come away with Deng and maybe some other form of compensation for taking on his massive contract and allowing them to sign an extra FA (I'm thinking Bosh, Wade, or Joe Johnson... whichever is the second to sign with them, most likely JJ).

After these trades are all said and done, we are going to sign Mike Miller to a small contract and make sure he knows that he will be required to shoot the ball more often (it will be easier on his body and better on our team).


In this scenario, we trade away around $25M to take on Hamilton, Arenas, and a pick or two (and possibly McGee). We also basically trade away cap space for either Beasley or Deng and a future pick to allow a team (and a shoutout to Rumblebee's post about keeping talent in the East) to sign a second big name. We sign Mike Miller to a small deal (or TMac? haha that'd make things a lot more interesting!). And depending on how the draft works out we have Turner/Favors, Aldrich, and Seraphin at a minimum (Favors is almost better in this situation because of the length of our contracts at 1-3)


So next year our roster looks a lot like this:

Arenas/second round pick, first round pick if acquired, or small FA signing (Rubio still on the way)
Rip Hamilton/Brewer or Ellington/Miller
Deng or Beasley/Miller/Brewer
Love/Favors/possibly Beasley/Serpaphin

We have a lot of length, tremendous defense, good shooting (perimeter and mid range), good athleticism and a nice mix of mobility and strength up front, decent passing everywhere, and even a lot of future hope mixed with current production. Hell, Arenas might even be a good mentor for Beasley (if we got him instead of Deng) at this point as I am sure he has learned quite a bit over the past year.


So? What do you think? Just how crazy is this scenario? Would you go for it if all of the other teams would? Do you think Washington is still attached to Arenas and wouldn't do this deal or do you think we could easily get more value from them? Is Rip's salary erasing, Sessions, and a pick enough to convince Detroit to give up high lottery pick? Is the Chicago deal even feasible (I honestly don't know much about how sign and trades and cap space factors into it)? Are there parts of this deal that you would or wouldn't do? Do you think the chance that this (or something similar) happens is over or under .001%? Any guesses as to what one would have to smoke to come up with this?

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