A Four Team Trade where we don't give up Love/Jefferson/Flynn, but still get an additional Top Ten Pick


This ties similarly to a trade I proposed a month or two ago.



Washington (5-7) Pick

Hasheem Thabeet

DeMarre Carroll

Hamed Haddadi



Andrei Kirilenko

Mike Conley

Utah's (9-11) Pick

Nikola Pekovic



Ryan Gomes

Ramon Sessions

Wayne Ellington

Minnesota's 23rd Pick



Gilbert Arenas


Why would they do the trade?

Minnesota:  It nets us an additional Top 5-7 pick, which can be used on a guy like Wes Johnson or Al-Farouq Aminu; in other words, an athletic wing, an absolute need.  We also acquire Thabeet, who would hopefully shore up our porous weak side defense.  We actually gain cap room by making this move, giving up $8.6M in salaries, but only taking in $7.1M, not counting Pekovic's or the 5th and 23rd Picks' salaries.   I also originally included Darrell Arthur coming to the Wolves, but I don't think the Grizz would also be willing to give him up in this deal.

Washington:  They get rid of Arenas and his contract, finally they're free! They do have to take Kirilenko's contract, but luckily his contract ends three years sooner. They also acquire his PG replacement in Conley, who has underachieved in Memphis, but at 22, is still young enough to improve.   In regards to their early First Round Pick (5-7), I felt the Wizards would be willing to give that pick up if they were able to rid themselves of Arenas, his contract, and his baggage while also getting a Top Ten Pick (Utah's), an expiring contract next year in Kirilenko, and two young prospects in Conley and Pekovic.

Utah:  It's all about cap room!  They rid themselves of Kirilenko's contract in an attempt to resign Boozer and also free up more cap room by moving down 13-14 spots in the Draft.  They give up $16.4M in salaries, but only take in $8.6M, while also being able to waive Ryan Gomes and his $4M salary, which would basically cut that $8.6M in half.  I did not include the 23rd Pick's salary in that $8.6M.

Memphis:  I think the inevitable prospect of losing Rudy Gay will make this proposition very hard to ignore for the Grizz.  I don't think Heisley will match Gay's contract once somebody offers him the max, and you know it will happen, there's just too many teams with cap room.  It's going to be tough trying to match his 20 PPG with the 12th Pick in the Draft and it's not like Memphis is a hot spot for attracting FAs either.  I'm not huge on an Arenas/Mayo backcourt, but it's not like they're giving up a ton of assets for him either.  Yes, Conley and Thabeet are both former Top 5 picks, and Carroll was a late 1st Rounder last year, but both Conley and Thabeet have underachieved in regards to their Draft selections, Sam Young was played over Carroll, and out of the three only Conley had a sizable contribution on a near playoff team in the West. I realize the disaster Washington was last season with Arenas, but even in giving up Conley, Thabeet, Carroll, and Hadaddi for Arenas, they still have the 12th Pick, which they can use on another shot blocking, raw, C like Whiteside, or a SG/SF in Henry or Anderson.  Plus, they're only taking on an additional $5M in salary from this deal, plenty of cap room to still lock up Ronnie Brewer.   


Why don't they do the trade?

Minnesota:  The only argument I see from our side is having to give up Sessions, he's still very young, and I believe once he develops his shot to the point where it's consistent, he'll be tough to guard.  Do we really want Pekovic when we already have two plodders in Love and Jefferson?

Washington:  That Top 5-7 pick, it will be hard to pry it away from the Wiz, especially because of the backlash they received from their fan base in last year's trade for Foye/Miller.  They do get Utah's Pick, which will be in the 9-11 range, but as far as consensus goes, I think everybody knows how much more valuable picks are in the Top 5.  

Utah:  That 9-11 Pick, I think it will be easier to pry this pick away from the Jazz than it is to get the Top 5 pick from the Wiz in this scenario, but do they really want to re-sign Boozer that bad?

Memphis:  They would have to take on Arenas' contract as well as give up last year's #2 pick in Thabeet and 2007 #4 pick Conley.  Plus, if they do this trade, they will not be able to re-sign Gay, guaranteed, they'll be over the cap, and you know Heisley isn't doing that.  Are you willing to give money to an athletic, 24 year old 3rd option like Gay or a possible locker room cancer like Arenas, a good 2nd option, who's 28 years old?

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