George Constanza: The Wolves Beacon of Hope

George Constanza was the perpetual "loser" in all his endeavors much like the recent history of our Timberwolves.  George had no luck at with his parents, at work or in love.  Still, for one classic Seinfeld episode, George was able to turn it around.  How?  By doing the exact opposite of his every instinct.  Don't lie about your job, living arrangements, etc.  "My name is George, I'm unemployed and I live with my parents."

How can the Wolves learn from George Constanza?

The Wolves lost out on Wall or Turner.  Instead of the expected desperation trade where we mortgage the farm to move up (if that's even possible), why not sit tight?  The Wolves FO seems instinctually down on DeMarcus Cousins.  The opposite?  Draft him!  He replicates Al and the FO seems to be leaning to keeping Al over Love.  Trade Al.  The coaching staff is down on Kevin Love?  Embrace him. 


As someone who firmly believes that Cousins has as much on court talent as ANYONE in the draft, I was actually happy that the Wolves fell to 4th vs 3rd.  That should take the mistake of taking Favors over Cousins off the table if NJ does as I expect by taking Favors.  The only thing that could derail Cousins besides a trade up for us or a trade down for NJ would be the massive mistake of taking someone other than Cousins at #4.  That would be utterly ridiculous.

At this point though, if we look to George Costanza, we could potentially wind up with the best player in this draft.  I know that sounds crazy, but Cousins projects to be a better rebounding version of Brook Lopez if he keeps his head.  Would you rather have Rose, Roy or Lopez right now?  O.K., maybe not, but a 20/10 guy at center in this league is huge and that's the kind of potential Cousins has.

Drafting Cousins should usher Al out of MN.  Is that the first Costanza bonus?  Love wins the death match because he fits better with Cousins?  If we could deal Al for a wing such as Deng (the pipe dream deal with Flynn for Granger) we'd do a lot to balance the roster.  A Deng, Love, Cousins front line does a little bit of everything.  We still have the 16 (James Anderson is looking pretty good there) and 23 as well as Pekovic to add depth.

George always liked to get I'll leave you with this:

Wolves take Cousins, Anderson and Seraphin (Europe)

Wolves deal Al, Flynn and Brewer to Indy for Granger, T.J. Ford and Dahntay Jones.

Wolves sign Pekovic, Childress and deal for Beasley with our cap space.

  • Sessions, Ford (Rubio)
  • Childress, Anderson, Ellington
  • Granger, Beasley, Jones
  • Love, Beasley
  • Cousins, Pekovic (Seraphin)

Next time...Bizarro world...the Wolves win the lottery!!!

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