Wacky Scheme #2




The post-lottery, OMG-We're-Not-Getting-the-Wing-We-Thought-We-Would-and-We-Hate-the-Alternatives edition.

I still think the Wolves are all-in on Evan Turner. They have assets, cap space, and I think there can be inroads to be made with both Philly and New Jersey. Throw in the fact that there might not be another team in the game that needs an Even Turner more than the Wolves and, well, I'm not ruling him out.

That said, if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. And you have to move on the best you can. So here we go!

To the Clippers: #4 pick, #23 pick

To the Wolves: #9 pick, owed-Jaric pick (likely 2012) back.

Wolves finally get out of the shadow of the Era of Reckless Decisionmaking. I think most of us would describe that pick as being an absolute anvil-on-a-string over our head. Clippers get to move up for one of the "blue chippers" now, pick up a scratch ticket for their trouble, and give up an extra pick they have coming two years down the road. I'd even maybe consider the #16 instead of the #23, but I don't know yet.

Wolves pick Xavier Henry at #9. At first I wasn't a big Henry fan, as I considered him a bit of a one-dimensional shooter. But more and more I'm warming up to him as a competent role playing starter. He has a very valuable skill the Wolves lack, he has an NBA body, he gets good marks for his defense, he's a decent-though-not-explosive athlete, he gets good character marks, he's very young with upside left, he knows how to play off the ball, and most analysts (Hollinger, Weiland) consider him a solid prospect. Not that sexy, but if the Wolves are dead set against Cousins, they're looking at a bunch of likely role players, anyway. May as well get one who fits.

Wolves pick Kevin Seraphin at #16. This is why I'd love to have the Clips take #23, as I don't think this guy will last that long (though he could, who knows?). Of all the athletic project big men in this draft, this guy seems to have the best potential to work out, if only because we "know" more about the others (and much of it isn't too good).

Wolves sign G/F Ronnie Brewer to a mid levelish contract. Of all the feasible free agency targets out there, I think this guy might represent the best combo of value/potential. He won't get a ton, because he's never been a big ppg type, and he'll never ever be a shooter. But he's been very productive/efficient overall throughout his career, and excels mid-range on in on offense. He's 6'6", and outstanding athlete, and quality defender. So just off that, if you can get him for $5 million per or so, I think he's worth it. Then when you consider that coming out of Arkansas in 2006, this guy was sort of, well, sort of Evan Turnerish. He was the Razorbacks' primary ball handler/decision-maker/scorer/slasher. He went to Utah, where if you're not part of the PG/PF pick-and-roll duo, your job is to defend and act as option c, d, or e on offense. He accepted his role and was a high-level contributor until he was traded to Memphis in a cap trade (immediately triggering some "what-a-dumb-trade-what-are-we-doing?" comments from Deron Williams). He's an RFA, but Memphis has Rudy Gay to consider and they've said they're matching Gay within reason, so Brewer might be available to be had. For the Wolves, who need a big, versatile 2 guard to run their preferred offense, I think he's a decent alternative.

And since I'm in a giving mood (and since it's looking more and more likely) I'll even go against my personal wishes and let the Wolves sign Darko for a LITTLE two year deal.

Wolves run out


R. Brewer/Ellington

Henry/C. Brewer



Beyond recouping that Jaric pick (which will be in the lottery, which they'll need, and which all us of are convinced will be #1 overall if the Wolves don't hold it), this season will then be dedicated to:

1) Getting some wings that could actually beat an expansion team achieving better roster balance

2) Actually getting some players that could utilize some triangle looks

3) Getting the roster more Rubio Ready (and I'm not even convinced Rubio is a franchise talent and think he might be more valuable as trade bait, but we Wolves fans take hope where we can)

4) Increasing Al's trade value by giving him a (let's hope) healthier year

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