Trade for Andre Iguodala

After the lottery, I wrote a fanpost about how we should be happy Philadelphia got #2, because of the strong likelihood Andre Iguodala would now be on the market.  He has one of the best assist percentages of any shooting guard, is a plus defender that excels in transition and drawing free throws.  A very good skillset for Rambis' offense and a good veteran productive running mate for Rubio.  Moving up to snag Turner is likely to be extremely costly, here is a possible three team deal that solves a lot of problems for all the teams involved.

Trade Details:

To Minnesota:  Andre Iguodala


To Philadelphia:  #7 + Tayshaun Prince


To Detroit: #23 + Al Jefferson



For Philadelphia it allows them to commit to the Evan Turner era immediately and get another Top Draft Pick to invest in the frontcourt that would be at the same age as their Holliday, Turner, Young, Speights core.  They also get a high quality immediate replacement in Tayshaun Prince that could be valuable up until the trading deadline or can be used just to clear salary.  Good value for Iguoadala.

For Detroit it gives them a player to log major minutes in the frontcourt immediately in Al Jefferson and gives them a player that will be a lot more productive than any likely #7.  They also get #23 to add a cheap bench player.  If Detroit still balks, you could offer Gomes or Sessions for Maxiell as a part of this deal if they want to clear more salary.  I don't think I would add #16 instead of #23, but I would consider it.

For Minnesota it gives us a veteran shooting guard with at least 3 seasons of team control in his prime.  His skillset is a great fit with Rubio and with Rambis' hybrid triangle.  Doing this gives the Wolves a ton of flexibility in the draft as Wes Johnson and Iguodala would compliment each other very nicely as wing players as Iguodala needs to be paired with a shooter.  Clearing out Al Jefferson would make adding Favors or Cousins not redundant.  Love as somebody capable of running the high post would fit better than Jefferson with both Favors or Cousins as they both operate closer to the basket like Big Al.  They trade prior to the draft so they're not stuck with two many bigs trading at a poor bargaining position after the draft.

I thought long and hard whether I would consider trading #4 for Iguodala straight up and trading out of the high lottery to get certainty with a player in his prime like Iguodala.  Ultimately I think this 3 team trade presents great value for all parties, and I would be willing to sweeten the deal to get it done, possibly something more to Detroit, although Cash or a future pick from Philly to Detroit could also be a good possibility as they are getting the best deal as is IMO.  This deal gets rid of Big Al and adds a veteran player at a position of need that is a great fit with the Wolves roster and professed offensive system.  This trade is salary neutral for the Wolves. 

Lineup prior to the draft of:

Flynn/Sessions (Rubio)

Draft: #4 and #16 to fill in the roster holes with a wing and a big.  Johnson & Seraphin?  Cousins & George?  Favors & Henry?  Enough possibilities where we can draft the Best Player Available at #4 and it fits our roster under any scenario.


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