Looking for Realistic Optimism

I'm helping put together a proposal to get the broadcast rights to the Wolves for one of the TV stations I work for.  My GM is on board with the move, but her bosses in New York are QUITE pessimistic about the chances of the Wolves being worth watching in the next few years.

I consider myself a realistic optimist, and I have my own list of reasons why I think they are on the upswing.  But, I'd like to crowd-source with my fellow fans to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Here is my list of reasons why the Wolves will be worth watching in the coming years.

1.  Ricky Rubio's rights.  He's the best foreign prospect to come into the league since Yao Ming.  Either he plays for the Wolves, or we trade him for an another good prospect.  Now, contrary to New York media reports with no sourcing, Ricky and his family have never said they don't want to come to Minnesota and have only said positive things about the organization.  If he doesn't come play for us, and we don't trade him, he doesn't play in the NBA, which is his childhood dream.  He will be a Timberwolf some day.

2.  We have 3 first round draft picks this year- 4, 16 and 23.  There are numerous signs that we might be able to put a package together to move up and get Evan Turner.

3.  If Rubio and Turner do end up in Timberwolves uniforms, we will have our 2 star core, much like Portland (Roy and Aldridge) and OKC (Durant and Westbrook).

4.  We have Kevin Love, one of the top rebounders in the league in only his second season.  He is media friendly, and could play 3rd Banana on a contending team.

5.  We have Al Jefferson, one of the 2 or 3 best low-post scorers in the NBA.  Whether he stays with us or not, he is an asset.

6.  We have 15 million dollars in cap space to spend on free agents this summer.  While it is doubtful we land a top tier free agent, we have a chance to land a player of the Rudy Gay variety, or use our space to get another player by helping facilitate a sign-and-trade.

7.  We have three decent supporting players in Jonny Flynn (second team All-Rookie), Corey Brewer (a candidate for Most Improved) and Wayne Ellington (one of the league leaders the second half of the season in 3-point percentage.)

8.  We hold the rights to best big man in Europe, Nikola Pekovic.


What am I missing?

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