David Kahn interviews with Rick Kamla and Kevin McHale

S-n-P posted about Kahn's thoughts on how the lottery shook out, but he actually talked about a wide array of things in the interview, not just the draft, including free agency, Euro big men, and specific comments on the Al/Love duo and Love's tense relationship with Rambis.

And yes, it was a little awkward between Kahn and McHale. David says "as you know" several times when answering Mac's questions in a way that sort of comes across as "hey, you made this mess, you should know all about this already".


On the lottery:

What S-n-P already stated. Kahn said it's early...we have a ton of flexibility, no one has done workouts yet (or hadn't at the time of the interview), and there's not definite reason to say we even need to move up in the first place right now.

He did say he feels there's a consensus names, but I assume he means John Wall.

On picking for need, fit, or best player available:

Kahn sidestepped this one a little bit, giving an answer that didn't really address the question but was insightful all the same. Basically he said the plan isn't divided into compartments....the team won't do the draft, then trades and extensions, then free agency. They want to develop a comprehensive plan that says, for example, "we want to target these free agents, so with that in mind, this is who we might want to draft".So the way I took it is, if the team decides to say, keep both Al and Love, resign Darko, bring over Pekovic, then chase Chris Bosh (exaggerated scenario, but you get the point), they won't start by drafting Favors or Cousins. Likewise, if they decide to trade Al and/or Love for Joe Johnson, then chase Rudy Gay over the summer, you probably shouldn't expect a move to get Evan Turner.

I did get the feeling Kahn dodged the issue a bit because he didn't want to start any speculation over whether he is trying to trade Al or Love, or commit to a plan specifically commenting on their future with the team.

On if the team will be active on draft night:

"I sure hope so."

On Darko and Pekovic:

Kahn says Darko has informed the team he wants to return and comments that he got along very well with and responded well to Rambis. There is a visit with Darko scheduled during the upcoming Euro tour. The team is going to start really thinking about both Darko and Pek, determining who wants to or will play here next season, who will in 2011, and how that fits with the draft and free agency. Both will be key parts of the discussion process, which I assume means "Do we resign Darko?" and "Is Pekovic worth more as a roster player or a trade asset?"

On Love and Jefferson:

"I think Kevin and Al demonstrated they can play beautifully together _on's defensively where it exposes us". Kahn again talks about the length of the top teams, specifically the Lakers, and notes how the teams still in the playoffs all have that length in the frontcourt. I think he, like myself, was watching LAL/UTH in particular, since their Boozer/Millsap frontcourt was a pretty close approximation to Al and Love, and Utah just got wiped out this year pretty much because of the Laker frontcourt. He makes it clear the issue is defense.

On Love and Rambis:

Kahn freely admits they didn't get along great at the end of the season. But he also states that he feels the two have come to an understanding of sorts, and plan to work together in LA this summer. He says they're very alike, and that caused some tension just in terms of two very strong personalities. Kahn did sound optimistic that things would smooth out, but his quip that there's "nowhere to go but up" sort of suggested that things were a lot worse between them than even we were speculating.

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