Our Wolves are worth more than you think!

So I keep reading all the new potential trade posts on this site, and there seems to be a common theme.  Whether its that Wolves fans have an inferiority complex, or just because we had a bad year, it seems clear that the fans are undervaluing our assets.  To attempt to clarify the pieces of the puzzle that we do have I'm attempting to put together a straight up draft pick value to each of our potentially tradeable players, so the next time you want to trade Rubio and Flynn and Jefferson and the number 4 pick to get Evan Turner you'll see how ridiculous that sounds.


1. Ricky Rubio - (value #2 overall)

I think he's worth no less than #2.  He should have gone #2 last year and if it made sense I could see someone valuing him as high as John Wall.

2. Kevin Love - (value #8 overall)

He's one the best rebounders in the league and still improving.  The only reason he doesn't go higher is because he's a little undersized, a little out of shape, and is a "below the rim" player in the post.  

3. Al Jefferson - (value #10 overall)

Big Al is one the best low post scorers in the league.  If he didn't hurt his knee and have a tough year he would ranked much higher.  The only other trade issue is that he makes good money, but its far from unreasonable for his skills.

4. Jonny Flynn - (value #10 overall)

The much maligned Jonny Flynn (when viewed from any vantage point other than being a Wolves fan) is a super-athletic PG with the ability to penetrate as well as shoot from distance.  He's high character and there's reason to believe he will turn into a great starter in a year or 2.  

5. Nikola Pekovic - (value #16 overall)

He's known to be the best big man in Europe.  He's young, he's big and he's got a great offensive game.  A guy who can potentially be a legit C in the NBA.

6. Ryan Gomes - (value #31 overall)

Gomes is 3 million in additional cap room for any team.  He's not half bad as a player either.  On the right team he could be a good 6th man.  His real value is the cap money though so I put him as worth the first pick in round 2.

7. Ryan Hollins - ( McDonalds chicken sandwich??)

The great flailer.  Yeah I don't think we'd get much.  All we can do is keep him and pray he learns to play defense and block a shot once in a while.  Hopefully hes not allergic to lifting weights.

So hopefully this puts things in perspective for some of these trades.  Good negotiating starts with knowing what your assets are worth.  Undervalue and thats a one way trip to permanent lottery status.  

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