So.........if we DON'T get one of the first 2 picks, WHAT THEN?????

I shudder to mention it without knocking on wood, but I'm a realist and it is in fact most likely that we end up with the 4th pick in this Timberwolf-yearly-screwing known as the NBA lottery.  So here are my ideas for each of the 5 possible pick slots.

The no-brainers:

#1 - Evan Turner.  

Sure, John Wall may have a higher ceiling, but Turner is right on his heels and he is the smooth scorer that the Wolves need so badly.  He's also a great rebounder for his position.  I think the Wolves take him if they get #1, with some small potential that they would draft Wall and trade him for Turner if there was a team that could offer that.  It would just be a waste to draft Wall and trade Flynn and still have no outside shooting.

#2 - Evan Turner.

Pretty sure he'll be there at #2 no matter who gets the #1 pick.  He's the perfect need/value pick.

The crapshoot:

#3 - Derrick Favors.

So, all of these picks between #3-5 is really a question of whether or not we are trading it to whoever drafts Turner.  I could potentially see us trading this pick with a guy like Ryan Gomes to get Turner.  That being said, if we stick with the pick, I think we have to go BPA and Favors has the upside to be a superstar.  We would likely move Al or Love during the year if we took him, but if he is a legit star it would be worth it.

#4 - Wesley Johnson.

I just can't see us drafting Cousins.  He's the biggest talent in the draft, but there's no way Kahn puts his butt on the line for a 19 year old diva.  Johnson is an older prospect but really fits a need and looks to be a really solid all around player with legit star potential.

#5 - Wesley Johnson.

I think he'd still be there at #5 and considering the crap luck we would have to get the #5 in the lottery, Johnson would be a fantastic consolation prize, as I think there is a significant drop off in talent after him.

Again, the big question is do we trade for Turner (I personally think yes) or stand pat.  Any way you slice it though, we're gonna have a great prospect.  I'm also secretly harboring hopes that Xavier Henry will be there at 16.  That would be unbelievable no matter who we draft.

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