Ridiculous three team trade idea

Because, you know, why not throw out some imaginative stuff?


This trade proposal is centered around Indy getting screwed in the draft (picking 13-14) and Utah landing about where they should (7-8).

First, my caveat - I know this is very unlikely (and maybe not even good for us) but I wanted to try an out of the box trade idea, so take it for what it is.


To MIN: Granger, TJ Ford, and Dahntay Jones, Indy's first pick

To UTA: Big Al, Ryan Gomes, their own pick back (or maybe the Charlotte pick)

To IND: Jonny Flynn, Andrei Kirilenko, Utah's first pick


Why do it?

I'll start with Utah. Boozer's leaving, and I think Al would look pretty awesome in Utah. Sloan would be a great coach for him and he'd probably become an All-Star there. Gomes is thrown in to make the salaries work, but he'd also offer some cap relief. Maybe they'd really like picking earlier in the lotto, but they're a veteran team and I don't think there's any player where they'd be picking that'd be a no brainer for them. Moving down might be just fine.

As for Indy, this is a desperation move and a white flag (again, helped by them falling in the draft). Granger is a huge price, but they'd also be moving two bad contracts, picking up a huge expiring in Kirilenko, picking up a young dynamic PG, as well as moving up in the draft. Not a bad way to start a new core around Jonny, Hibbert, Rush, and maybe an Ed Davis/Wes Johnson or even Aminu type? Plus they'd be in position capwise to make a run at Carmelo or any other big FA.

Why would we do it? Is it a big enough return for Al and Jonny? For Granger? I think so. We take on some salary, but Dahntay Jones isn't that expensive and he does play good defense. TJ Ford is filler until Rubio gets here. No matter where we land at the top of the lottery at best we would essentially swap the Utah pick for the Indy pick and at worst we would move up from the Charlotte pick to Indy's spot while keeping the Utah pick. Being able to package a late lottery pick with the Utah pick might be enough to trade up higher with another team to get a young player we want, or to swing for the stars a package of a late lotto pick, Utah pick, and Kevin Love might land us as high #2 or 3 in the draft depending on what team is there. Big price to pay? Hell yes, but my point is we'd have a bit more ammo to make moves or use the picks ourselves.

Without further moves, then, the roster recap would be:

Sessions/Ford/(Avery Bradley?)

(pick = Turner?)/Ellington/Jones/(Brewer in the mix depending?)


(pick = Favors?)/Love/Pek



Dream scenario of:

Sessions (soon Rubio)



Favors/Love/Ed Davis?


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