If we were to get the dreaded.......... 5th pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we all have quite often experienced these last couple season, a large portion of our thoughts regarding this team are on its future.  I for one have done many mock drafts throughout the seasons as well as try to imagine every possible scenario for this team, involving all we have to encompass in regards to "assets".  I'm sure many of you have been on ESPN's Lottery Machine and have clicked the "Play Lottery" button to see who we could possibly select at specific spots with which teams are ahead of us.  Surprisingly not sooner, but for the first time tonight I struck our worst fear, the 5th selection.  I realize regardless of our immediate positioning, the most important aspect of all is which teams are ahead of us.  Obviously I can't anticipate that, but I wanted to see what everybody thought on what scenarios could actually be realistic based on this specific example. 


At 5, based on this specific scenario I believe we will not be able to select Turner outright, or for that matter, at 5 in any possible scenario.  Washington's going to take Wall, I won't even question that.  Golden State on the other hand has two very good ball handling guards in Ellis and Curry.  I also don't see GS being able to move Ellis for anything that would interest them, I'm sure Don Nelson was furious that they didn't jump all over the Ellis for Mayo/Thabeet deal, I don't even want to know what a Curry/Mayo backcourt would look like, imagine the shooting displays, we would get destroyed.  I'm also not sure that Turner fits in with them as well as somebody who has legit 3 point range, such as Wes Johnson.  I'm not sure we have the assets Golden State would be looking for, besides the possible selection of Wes, but could there possibly be a third team involved, where maybe the Charlotte pick/Sessions/Love is moved for a more fitting piece for Golden State?  


This is the scenario: Golden State trades Evan Turner to the Wolves for Wes Johnson and Donatas Motiejuans, who we receive from Utah for James Anderson and Nikola Pekovic, who with his quickness could be a great P and R guy for them, and Anderson who would could possibly shore up the SG spot, a position for Utah that hasn't seen a consistent starter since Hornacek.  From his PT, I'm assuming Matthews is well liked in Utah, but is he good enough to be a starter?  Also, with Kirilenko most likely leaving next season as a result of his expiring contract, could Anderson/Matthews split time at 2 and 3?  Maybe Gordon Hayward or Damion James here too for Utah.  The thing that stands out for me is that outside of just selecting Udoh with nothing else to show, I don't see there being a better fit than what Pekovic would bring to them.  I'm almost certain Boozer will leave, which opens a huge hole in their three big rotation of Boozer, Milsap, and Okur.  I also don't see any of their other current big men being even close to what Pekovic is in terms of talent, come on, Koufos, Fesenko?  None are at least deserving of a large portion of minutes, especially on a perennial playoff team in Utah.  


My biggest question regarding this specific trade scenario is if just Pek and the 16th Pick would be enough to jump up to 9.  Utah might also want their original pick back, which I believe we would also give up for Turner if we were to fall to the 5th selection. They might also want it back because they're a division rival and are helping us get a near sure-fire star in Turner.  With this second selection the Jazz could take another wing like Paul George, Devin Ebanks, Stan Robinson, or Quincy Pondexter to replace AK47 when his contract is likely moved for cap relief next season. 


Another scenario is the fact that I believe New Jersey will be a big player in FA and I see a player like David Lee being a big target for them, which would make the high selection of Favors quite redundant in terms of team needs, McFail?  As has been pointed out on this site before, we can only imagine what the Nets new owner thinks of Euro players, Pek could be a guy he's targeting.  They obviously need depth everywhere, as do we, but could Wes and Nikola be enough to snare Favors, who some have said Kahn also "favors" as well? 


A Mock Draft representing the Utah scenario where we give up both picks:

Washington: John Wall

Minnesota (From Golden State): Evan Turner

Sacramento: DeMarcus Cousins

New Jersey: Derrick Favors

Golden State (From Minnesota): Wes Johnson

Philadelphia: Greg Monroe

Detroit: Ed Davis

LA Clippers: Al-Farouq Aminu

Golden State (From Minnesota through Utah): Donatas Motiejunas

Indiana: Ekpe Udoh

New Orleans: Cole Aldrich

Memphis: Xavier Henry

Toronto: Hassan Whiteside

Houston: Daniel Orton

Milwaukee: Patrick Patterson
Utah (From Minnesota): James Anderson

Chicago: Luke Babbitt

Miami: Solomon Alabi

Boston: Gordon Hayward

San Antonio: Damion James

Oklahoma City: Avery Bradley

Portland: Larry Sanders

Utah (From Minnesota, through Philadelphia, through Themselves): Devin Ebanks



Draft Stock:













































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