My 2 cents worth

I've stated my opinion on several different post throughout canis hoopus.  Now I'm going to take a minute to sum them all up.

1.  I'm not in favor of taking on Brand's contract to move up to the two spot.  It hurts are cap flexibility moving into the future.  Besides that Philly is asking for too much in return.  That being said if the Wolves do move up to the two spot I would like to see them take Derek Favors as opposed to Evan Turner.  I think an athletic big-man with measurements similar to Dwight Howard is a better fit next to Rubio than a two guard who has to have the ball in his hands. 


2.  If we do draft at the four spot I'm all for taking Cousins.  I think the potential is too great to pass on.  Center is a huge position of need for the Wolves and has been since we became a franchise.  A big-man as skilled as Cousins doesn't come along to often so I feel it's worth the gamble.  If there was a Kevin Durant or even a Josh Smith type wing behind him I might be inclined to pass on Cousins but I don't see anyone with that sort of star potential beyond the top four.


3.  Either Jefferson or Love has to be moved.  I lean towards trading Jefferson because I think Love is a better fit in many ways.  His game compliments Cousins more so than Jeffersons.  Love is also a better fit on a running team both with his ability to control the boards and his apptitude for delivering outlet passes to players on the move.  However I don't think this is a move that needs to be made in haste.  I'm all for letting Jefferson show that he is back to being the player he was before his injury and increasing his trade value.


4.  I would be suprised if the Wolves ended up with two top five picks.   I know there a lot of differnt trade scenarios floating around that have the Wolves drafting Turner and Cousins but I doubt it will happen.  I do however believe it is possible that the Wolves will wind up with two top ten picks.  In this scenario I envision the Wolves taking Cousins at four and then one of the next tier wing player with thier next pick.  I'm big on Babbit but would be happy with Johnson, Henry, or even George.


5.  The core of currnet Wolves that I would like to see together moving into the future would be Love, Flynn, Darko, Ellington and possibly Brewer.  I think Brewer will be alright as a three if he is teamed with a better two guard.  I would like to see him regain some of his lateral qucikness and get back to being the defender everyone thinks he can be.  Ellington showed enough improvement last year that I think he can be a knock-down shooter once we find a big man who can pass out of a double team.  Obviously he isn't a starting talent but I feel he's could develop into a solid role player.  Flynn has sixth man potential as a scoring one and Darko is a solid big coming off the bench.  What you could gather from the above is that the Wolves need some star talent.  Besides Love none of these players have allstar potential. 


6.  We don't have to complete the rebuilding of are team in this draft.  With three first round picks the Wolves have an oppurtunity to add some quality pieces to thier roster but this isn't thier only oppurtunity.  The free agent signing period is just around the corner and I see the potential for the Wolves to get involved in some sign and trade deals as a third party.  Beyond that thier is next years draft and free agency.  Rome wasn't built in a day but it burned in one. 


7.  I would much rather trade Jefferson for veteran talent than a first round draft pick.  We already have three of those.  Honestly, how many rookies do we need on our roster?


8.  Ricky Rubio will be a Timberwolve in 2011 and will win the rookie of the year award.  I read a couple curious things in regard to Ricky the last couple days.  The first said something to the extent that Rubio is not a franchise player but he is a franchise changing player.  What does that mean?  Either way I'll take it.  The second thing I read said that Ricky's improved play in the Euro-league had increased his value making it more likely that the Wolves will trade his rights.  Why would we be more likely to trade him when he's improving?  Neither of those things made any sense to me.


9.  My last thought is that Golden State fans are crazy and should go back to thier own site.  I'm talking to you StinkyFingers.  Stop try to convince us that Anthony Randolph is so fricking good.  If he was really that good you wouldn't want the Woves to take one of these lopsided trades that keep getting posted on this site.

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