Yet Another Take on Kahn's Mysterious Wording

David Kahn's posturing on the subject of Derrick Favors on KFAN is intriguing, especially his proclomation that Favors will likely be the best player from the 2010 draft class in five years. Obviously, Favors is a significantally lesser fit with the current Wolves roster than Evan Turner, and in the same appearance on KFAN, Kahn scoffed at the idea of taking on Elton Brand's massive contract.

Kahn heaped praise on Favors, while (in passing) downplaying the urgency to draft Evan Turner, almost to the point where I wished he would stop disparaging how perfect of a fit Turner is with the current roster. He also expressed a strong desire to have Cousins in for a workout, basically saying he has no idea what the agent is thinking.

The third thing I took from the interview was Kahn's admittance that he won't take on Brand's contract for the #2 pick, but at the same time, (he claims that) the Wolves don't need the #2: he followed this by saying that it wouldn't be a problem to get the 3rd pick. Here is the draft board he's displaying to the league:

1. John Wall

2a. Derrick Favors

2b. Evan Turner

3. DeMarcus Cousins

Kahn is trying to make it clear that his hand is not forced (in reality, Turner is #2a and Favors is #2b). He wants the rest of the teams to believe that he wants Favors or maybe Turner, but he's okay with taking Cousins. This way, the Nets can't overcharge for their pick, and the Sixers will be more likely to take Favors, who is clearly the best fit for them. Kahn wants everyone else to believe that he wants Favors, and that he thinks that moving into the third slot will guarantee him Favors (while in reality, he is hoping for Turner).

The other semi-likely scenario has the Sixers taking Turner for the Wolves and swinging a trade. I feel as though we are much more likely to overpay in this scenario, so it is not as appealing to me. It would be much more straightforward, but if the Brand insistance continues, this isn't a likely situation.

I might be the only guy in the world who thinks this, but from the beginning, I've had the feeling that Kahn is a genious. He is much too shrewd of a man to be as oblivious as many people think he is, and we'll have a much better idea after this season. I'm not going to say after next week's draft, because I feel as though the Wolves vastly underperformed last season. Don't get me wrong, they were bad, but not quite15-win bad. Add Rubio and Turner (with one year under his belt) and this team just got a whole lot better.

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