How to get the #3, #4 and #10

Here is how we end up with #3, #4 and #10.

We would grab some combination of Turner/Favors/Cousins/Johnson with the first two, and then use #10 to get a complimentary player or trade for Randolph. 4 team trade.

Jefferson to Dallas.

Dampier's team option, Calathes, Beaubois #16 pick and Pekovic to New Jersey.

Devin Harris #23 pick and Gomes team option to Indiana.

The #3 and #10 pick, Keeyon Dooling, Kris Humphries and Troy Murphy to Minnesota.

Why Dallas Does It: They get the low post scoring option they've needed for about a decade. It fits their "win now" mode. And, all they have to give up is the right to terminate Dampier's contract and a good, young back-up point guard. Why New Jersey Does It: They get a starter-quality power forward that doesn't count against their cap in free agency. They get a promising, young point guard with a tiny contract. Both those players fit their owner's "international team" model. They get a promising Euro stash in Calathes. They still get to grab a complimentary player at #16. AND... they don't pick up the team option on Dampier's contract, giving them MASSIVE amounts of cap space to pursue two max free agents and then some.

They would end up with something like...

Beaubois/free agent signing

Joe Johnson/Courtney Lee

Terrance Williams/CDR/#16 pick



That's a pretty promising team.

Why Indiana Does It: They add a good point guard that is still pretty young to team with Granger, Dunleavy, Hansborough and Hibbert.  Word came out today that they like Daniel Orton, who they could still get at #23.  They give up Murphy, who doesn't seem to be in their long range plans.  Harris & #23 > Murphy & #10.  Balances out their team.  They also get immediate financial relief by rejecting the team option on Gomes.  All indications are that this is something they need.

Why Minnesota Does It: You end up with the #3, 4 and 10 picks in the draft and a boatload of expiring contracts.  You can still sign Darko and someone else, and then make another free agent run next year.

Meanwhile, with the 3rd and 4th picks, you get to choose some combination of Turner/Favors/Cousins/Johnson.

If Philly takes Turner, you can go Favors and Johnson, then try to grab Henry or George at #10 or try to trade it for Randolph.

If Philly takes Favors or Cousins, you grab Turner right away, then either choose the remaining big man, or pair Turner and Johnson in a dynamite backcourt with Rubio.  In this example, come 2011 you have...






You take care of the question marks with your free agent money the next two years and the draft.

Who says "no" to this deal?

It makes so much sense to me, that I want to scream.

Of course, it's a 4 team trade, so it will never happen.

But damn, I think it looks good all around.

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