Way to get Turner, Cousins, and Johnson

Alright take a look at this..

Wolves trade Pekovic, picks 16 and 23, Ryan Gomes, and Wayne Ellington to Philadelphia

Wolves receive #2, Elton Brand from Philadelphia

Wolves trade Al Jefferson to Sacramento

Wolves receive Dalembert, #5 from Sacramento

Wovles draft Evan Turner, Demarcus Cousins, and with #5, Wesley Johnson (I'm not high on this guy at all but Kahn is)

This appeases everyone.  Philly gets rid of Brand's contract and can sign a max FA this offseason.  They already have Iguodala at the 2 and Thaddeus Young at the 3 which means having Turner would just be problematic.  What they wanted all along from Brand was to get depth and small contracts.  Gomes can be bought out for $600,000 and Pek provides key talent which excites Doug Collins.  Clearly he is skeptical of Hawes and Speights leading them to the championship because they obviously can't and Pek is an upgrade over both.  Maybe they could sign Bosh or Amare.

The Wolves send out alot for Turner and Brand but this is worth it because they receive the best player in the trade in Evan Turner.  Both Gomes and Ellington are expendable since neither are key parts of the future. Ellington is too inconsistent on offense and defense.  Pek is solid but at this point, a wing player is more important than a post.  The trade for Dalembert, #5 seems likely since the Kings have been asking for Jefferson. This is a good deal, not great but has to be done since he must be shipped this offseason.  HIm and Love cannot coexist and Love is younger/cheaper/better on defense.  Also, Dalembert's contract is done after next year which give us good cap space for the 2011 offseason.

Rubio*/Flynn/ Sessions

Turner/ Johnson

Brewer/ Johnson

Love/ Brand

Dalembert/ Cousins

This lineup is perfect.  This gives Cousins a year to learn the offense, get groomed for starting in 2011 and also get in shape and learn the NBA lifestyle.  Brand is perfect for dominating the second unit.  He is also a true professional, leader, and mentor.  I live in Philly and I can say that having this guy in the locker room is crucial.  He goes to all fan based events, all the players look up to him, he would accept the bench role and not complain, and take Cousins under his wing if asked to.  Brand's contract is terrible but still, we would have enough cap space to sign one or two more role players at the MLE or less.  A rotation of 8 or 9 players is what Rambis is most comfortable with since he's been around that all his coaching career which is perfect for our roster  Also, imagine the developed chemistry between Brand and Dalembert in the second unit. They would simply dominate the other team's bench since they have played so long together.  

The Kings would want this trade because it gives them an inside outside game with two dominating players on offense.  Plus they really like Jefferson.  Is this not the best situation for us?


With the #5 pick, we could trade for a lower pick and important role player.  So we could add depth by adding someone like Paul George, Xavier Henry, James Anderson.  I personally like James Anderson the most.  If you look at his highlights, he can stroke it from 25 ft out with ease, get to the bucket, great height for the 2, and provide instant offense since he averaged more than Evan Turner last year (He's def not as good but still  22 points!)

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