PA Rumor + Bosh?

Before I get too far into this, keep in mind that I give the chances of this happening about 1%... probably not even. But the puzzle pieces fit, I just wonder if they're not fitting pieces from different puzzles. My speculation is that it's the same puzzle. Even if it is though, once again, I'd only put the chances of it happening up to about 15%. So yes, I realize it won't happen. But it's possible. And that's all I am saying. And then I'm going to have some fun with it, cuz why not?!

So we've all heard about the supposed PA rumor, right? Well he said that the name dicussed was NOT Chris Bosh. But now we are hearing that Chris Bosh is a target. Well I don't even think this would leak if Kahn didn't think he had a somewhat legit shot at it. So here's my guess: the PA rumor was supposedly based on some other event(s) happening, correct? Well what if the event was, we'll get the big name if we can get another name to play here with him? A scenario where, Melo is unhappy in Denver and we talked to his agent, who said he would play here if we could get a big name to sign here. Enter Bosh. We talk to Bosh, "Hey look, we've got Melo here who will come to MN if he can play alongside of you. We can bring Rubio over this year too if that's the case and we'll surround you with as many vets as will sign here. What do you say?" That's something that Bosh has to at least consider. He'd be getting the max in a S&T, he gets to play next to another name, AND he shouldn't mind the cold having played in Canada (And it's not like Denver is a tropical location, either).

This is just my random speculation on how the rumor from PA works out. Sooo unlikely that is actually happens, and we still have to get both teams to sign off on a trade, but they fit together, right? It'd definitely have people talking.

More details below the jump.

The Trades:

The Bosh Trade:
To MN: Bosh
To Tor: Jefferson, 16, second rounders (add more to match any potential value someone else is offering at a destination that Bosh as approved of)

Simple enough, we don't sell the farm on this one as Toronto is just trying to a) get Bosh out of their division and b) getting as much for him as they can. They obviously aren't happy, but they do it because they have little alternative as Bosh wants out. Plus, Bosh is overrated and barely worth a max contract anyways, so they really just avoid a semi bad max contract.

The Melo Trade:
To MN: Melo
To Den: Love, Sessions, Brewer or Ellington, Pick 4

They get the fourth player in a four player draft. They start over as a franchise as Melo has said he wouldn't mind leaving because it looks like they are stuck in barely contender status and he wants to play with another superstar. They get really good value for him in Love and the fourth pick, with Sessions and one of our SGs being slightly better than just a throw-in. We avoid picking Wes Johnson with the fourth pick and get a superstar in return.


Before and After the trades:

We'd have to be smart and sign some FAs before we trade for Melo AND Bosh (could do it after Melo, before Bosh if Melo trade needs to go down before or at the draft), but we'd obviously have to get some sort of promise for these vet FAs that they will be playing with 2 superstars... But this way we can take the most advantage of our cap space, as it is easier to go over the cap by trading for guys than it is by signing. Then after we sign all of our core guys and trade for the two, we'd have to sign others to the MLE and veteran's minimums to fill out our roster, options to follow.

Guys like Pekovic or Darko could be MLE guys (though possibly not worth the cap space for anything over $4M, but they are both guys who want to win so they might take a slight discount) and I'm not sure how Rubio's deal would work. I think he would get paid like the fifth pick in this years draft? Also, we'd sign guys like Jerry Stackhouse, Kurt Thomas, or Michael Finley to one year minimum contracts. Maybe Mike Miller wants to come back? Maybe get Bruce Bowen if he has stayed in shape? See if Reggie Miller or Alan Houston are still thinking about comebacks??? ;)

The darkhorse candidates for our leftover capspace definitely includes Ray Allen, though he might command a bit more than he is worth this year. Shaq would be intriguing as well just from a promotional standpoint (and Rubio wants to play against him, why not with him!). Don't know how much he thinks he is worth though. TMac is another big name who could be had for cheap if teams don't think he is worth the asking price, he could lower it to play with Melo and Bosh.


So there are definitely options to fill out the roster if this (or something like this) mystical lala land scenario were to happen. Our roster could look something like this next year:

Rubio/Flynn ($7M = 4M + 3M)
Ray Allen/Brewer/TMac ($10.5M = 5M + 4M + 1.5M)
Melo/TMac/Brewer ($17M)
Bosh/Pekovic/Thomas ($22M = 17M + 4M + 1M)
Darko/Thomas/Pekovic/Bosh ($4M)

Total roster amount in year one: $60.5M


Rubio would get the Rondo-effect of being a guy with talent, thrown into a scenario where he can't help but to maximize that. We're over the cap, and under the luxury tax... at least for a couple years if we keep this lineup going. Once again, this is about as unlikely as the sun rising in the south, but hey, why not speculate?! Have fun with this. Add your changes or your own crazy speculation. Or just tell me how crazy this is or maybe that it actually makes sense.

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