A little insight on the PA "rumor"

While all the media focus has been on the draft, the Twolves have been very active working the phones with nearly every team with a significant FA.  No, we aren't talking LeBron or Wade - but we have talked about nearly everyone else.

Remember - it will be far more lucrative for a FA to do a sign and trade than just sign.  They get more money - but the bigger plus - they get 1 more year under the current CBA.  Players/agents expect big changes in the next CBA  - if they can lock in right now for longer years - all the better.  This is especially appealing to younger FA - the older ones seem to be less interested in money and more interested in championship rings.  (a trend that started with Karl Malone and seem to gain more traction each and every year)

The Twolves goal is to have "deals in principle" in place with as many players/teams as possible, so rather than starting negotiations when a FA of interest "pops up", a deal could be triggered immediately as the FA dominoes start to fall.

PA reported on one such "deal in principle".  My FO friend says that that are actually a few "deals in principle" in place.  And he expects even a few more to be made before July 1.  Sorry - no names - in fact - I did not even ask.  But my FO friend said that the Twolves were being "very aggressive" with their offers to make ours standout.

So if PA would have just reported it like this - rather than the cryptic "big name FA tied to Twolves" stuff, he would have been doing his followers a big service - insight as to what the Twolves are doing - without damaging any specific action.

But before we get excited - there is a HUGE rub.  And its not the Twolves spending the money on the FA salary (which I expected to be the issue based on Taylor's losses).  It is if the FA will accept the trade to the Twolves.

This is not a given.  The Twolves are not viewed as a stable franchise, an up and coming franchise, or a "desirable" location.  Kahn will need to be at his saleman's best to get that attitude change.

I can offer a little more.  Big Al will be involved in any major FA sign and trade.  There is not much stomach to pay Big Al and a FA with the staff knowing that we still need more pieces (and time) to be a championship caliber team.  Rather, we will be sweetening Big Al with current/future draft picks.  (Don't be surprised if one of the 2 later 1st round picks never wear a Twolves uniform)  Most NBA teams believe our next few years are lottery type seasons and see having one of our picks as a huge sweetener to a deal.

I guess that's it for now.

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