Here's What I Can Share

I just got back from a Season Ticket Holder meet and greet with Kahn and a sit-in on the last workout with Luke Babbitt and scrubs.

I know the Wolves have asked not to blog about "insider" info share in these meetings, so I'm going to refrain from speaking on several issues, but here is what I think they'd be comfortable with me sharing.

First off, I saw Al Jefferson on a treadmill/elliptical(?) as I entered the practice facility.  He was working out hard, and was more massive than I expected.

I came loaded with a list of questions, but tried to refrain from being overly-eager.  Someone else asked the first question, and it was one of the stupidest conversations I've ever been privy to.  One fan started things off by asking Kahn if there is any way to contractually obligate a player to be more active in the community.  This fan has been in cities where a player was very active in the community and felt it could "turn a team around."

Kahn handled himself very well, despite the inanity of the interaction.  The guy kept asking follow questions, talking about how Garnett wasn't EVER in the community (um, what?) and how he doesn't want to see that again.

This is when I politely stepped in and asked about advanced statistics, framing the question in regards to their recent success in predicting draft pick performance versus the average NBA GM.  Kahn said they pay attention to advanced stats "way more" than they did in Indiana, but that they also must factor in chemistry and fit.  In my original question, I had mentioned Curry vs. Flynn, and then expressed fears about Cousins vs. Johnson.  Let's just say my fears were not calmed.  But, he did seem open to all possibilities.

However, I did confirmation from another Wolves source that they do have a dedicated stat-cruncher who "never leaves the building."  So, we've got that going for us, which is nice.

They other golden nugget I feel comfortable sharing has to do with the Indiana rumors.

As Mike Tice once said: "Okay, calm down."

Kahn was asked by my buddy when the last time the Wolves had talked to Indiana was.  He said it was a week ago when when Indiana offered #10 for Flynn and were soundly rejected.  Kahn wasn't even the one who talked to them (my guess is Ronzone.)  

So, Adrian W. over Yahoo is full of a boat load of feces, and I think we can pretty much dismiss anything he writes going forward.

We can also probably stop dreaming up Danny Granger trade scenarios.

A couple last things...

We're not selling Al Jefferson for 50 cents on the dollar.  Kahn spoke very positively about him, and it really didn't sound like it's any sort of done deal that Al gets traded.

Finally, I saw Luke Babbitt.  I have no idea what the Wolves think of him, but he looked like Mike Miller without the handle, or maybe a slightly more athletic, not quite as good of shooting Glen Rice.  Does that make any sense?

I'll refrain from mentioning anything else that might tip our hand going into the draft.

Somebody on here had a quote from Eisenhower that was something like "Having a plan going into war is useless, but planning is essential."  That's where I think Kahn stands.

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