NCAA All-Americans in the NBA

I was curious about this topic because the discussion between who gets taken with what pick is often centered around what we have seen from these guys in college. So I thought I'd pull together the All-America teams from the past 10 years and see how they've worked out. The strange thing about A * indicates that the player was an underclassman.


1st team: DeMarcus Cousins*, Wesley Johnson, Scottie Reynolds, Evan Turner, John Wall*

2nd team: James Anderson, Sherron Collins, DaSean Butler, Jon Scheyer, Greivis Vasquez

3rd team: Cole Aldrich, Luke Harangody, Darington Hobson, Damion James, Greg Monroe*



1st team: Tyler Hansbrough, James Harden*, DeJuan Blair, Stephen Curry, Blake Griffin*

2nd team: Harangody, Ty Lawson, Jerel McNeal, Jodie Meeks*, Hasheem Thabeet

3rd team: Sherron Collins, Toney Douglas, Gerald Henderson, Terrence Williams, Sam Young


1st team: Hansbrough, D.J. Augustin*, Michael Beasley*, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Kevin Love*

2nd team: Curry, Shan Foster, Harangody, Roy Hibbert, D.J. White

3rd team: Darren Collison, Eric Gordon*, Chris Lofton, Brook Lopez*, Derrick Rose*



1st team: Arron Afflalo, Kevin Durant*, Acie Law, Greg Oden*, Alando Tucker

2nd team: Jared Dudley, Nick Fazekas, Hansbrough*, Lofton, Joakim Noah

3rd team: Aaron Brooks, Aaron Gray, Jeff Green, Al Horford, Al Thornton


1st team: Randy Foye, Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick, Brandon Roy, Shelden Williams

2nd team: Dee Brown, Rodney Carney, Rudy Gay*, Leon Powe, P.J. Tucker

3rd team: Glen Davis*, Fazekas, Hansbrough*, Allan Ray, Craig Smith



1st team: Andrew Bogut*, Chris Paul*, J.J. Redick, Wayne Simien, Hakim Warrick

2nd team: Dee Brown, Ike Diogu, Luther Head, Sean May, Salim Stoudamire

3rd team: Ray Felton, Joey Graham, Nate Robinson, Deron Williams, Shelden Williams


1st team: Josh Childress, Ryan Gomes, Jameer Nelson, Emeka Okafor, Lawrence Roberts

2nd team: Andre Emmett, Devin Harris, Julius Hodge, Luke Jackson, Blake Stepp

3rd team: Chris Duhon, John Lucas, Rashad McCants*, Wayne Simien, Hakim Warrick



1st team: Nick Collison, T.J. Ford*, Josh Howard, Dwyane Wade, David West

2nd team: Carmelo Anthony*, Troy Bell, Jason Gardner, Kyle Korver, Hollis Price

3rd team: Keith Bogans, Brian Cook, Reece Gaines, Kirk Hinrich, Ron Slay



1st team: Dan Dickau, Juan Dixon, Drew Gooden, Steve Logan, Jay Williams

2nd team: Sam Clancy, Mike Dunleavy, Casey Jacobsen, Jared Jeffries, David West

3rd team: Carlos Boozer, Erwin Dudley, Jason Gardner, Brandin Knight, Tayshaun Prince



1st team: Shane Battier, Joseph Forte*, Casey Jacobsen*, Troy Murphy, Jay Williams

2nd team: Troy Bell*, Michael Bradley, Tayshaun Prince, Jason Richardson*, Jamaal Tinsley

3rd team: Charlie Bell, Udonis Haslem, Kirk Haston, Frank Williams, Michael Wright


My point in posting this list is similar to my point in posting the previous list of upperclassmen chosen in the draft: overall, it seems like a low-reward risk to take an upperclassman who was a college star early in the draft. Brandon Roy is the only recent example of an upperclassman college star who has been an All-Star (even Deron Williams got passed over by his backcourt mate Dee Brown in All-America votes) in this league, and the All-Americans who make it in the NBA are most likely a) underclassmen or b) upperclassmen who are able to fill a specific rotation role but often are fringe starters. Personally, I'd have no problem with the Wolves taking Anderson or James at #23 but would stay away from Johnson and am wary of Turner based on this history. Just think of all of the great young players in this league who played at least one year of college and how few of them are on this list. I think the teams are skewed toward upperclassmen, but they also reflect production, and this list indicates that college production doesn't necessarily equal pro success. No player should be drafted solely on combine results, but sometimes those results indicate whether a player can get his shot off/keep up on defense/handle the physical toll, which can lead to some guys making it and some guys not.

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