A Reliable Source gives me info on Wolves Plans

I just got word from a reliable source that the Timberwolves are involved in about 5 different trades and a FA signing right now and there's about an 80% chance that they will all work out. 5 Trades and FA Signing analysis after the jump.

1. Al Jefferson and a rack of basketballs to the Kings for Pick number 5: Timberwolves do this because they get that 5th pick and that'll help out. The Kings do it because they need to help develop Tyrekes jumper, so that rack of balls should help.

2. Hollins and Wayne Ellington for Number 1: Wizards do it because they're in need of more Timberwolves to continue their effort in making the East Coast Timberwolves. Wolves do it because after all these years of never moving up in the lottery they need the sense of finally moving up, so 16 to 1 will make them feel better.

3. Pek and 23 to NJ for 3: New Jersey does this because their new Owner is Russian and is willing to do anything  to build a team of Europeans. Thus by getting 23 and Pek for 3 He'd be killing two birds with one stone. Wolves because since they've never moved up in the lottery, they're going all out this year by moving up multiple times to try and make up for the past years failures.

4. Ricky Rubio's Rights, Jonny Flynn and 4 to New Orleans for Chris Paul: New Orleans does it so they can get a proven star and much cheaper contract in Jonny Flynn and then in 1-3 years they get a flashy surfer boy type PG that they can use as a 6th man. Wolves do it so A) Kahn can stick with the original plan and play two point guards at one time. And B) Attract a fan base full of Rap fans, I mean with a Paul Wall backcourt their fan base would skyrocket by about 6 fans.

5. Sign and Trade with the Extinct Dinosaurs. Brewer, Cardinal, and 2021 conditional first round pick for Bosh and Raso Nesterovic: Raptors do this to A) get the veteran locker room presence in Brian Cardinal, B) the conditional first round pick should give them hope because by that time Dwyane Wades son will be 19 and a basketball star, and C) they need a spark plug off the bench and C-Brew will provide that. Wolves do it for one reason. They get back their Center of the future from 12 years ago, Bosh was just a sweetner.

Then Picks:

1. John Wall

3. DMC

5. Wesley Johnson

16. Dominque Jones

Free Agency:

Sign LBJ

2010 Opening Day Lineup

PG: John Wall

SG: Chris Paul

PG's: Paul Wall

SF: Johnson

PF: Love

C: Raso

Key Bench Players- Gomes, Jones, Darko, James and Bosh

This team would instantly contend for the title. This is all from My reliable source.

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