i wanted to get this in before the draft

apparently everyone went to bed. i haven't read a rumor, good or otherwise, in a few hours.   i'm going through withdrawal ;)     my trade scenario involving the t-pups (obviously) detroit and utah is after the jump.   sorry for YATS (yet another trade scenario) but...i'm a schemer.  what can i say? 

i propose the following trade with a few pick adjustments.  

t-pups get:


7th overall (DET)

9th overall (UTA)


detroit gets:




c.j. miles

16th overall (MIN)


utah gets:



their original 23rd pick back from MIN



t-pups - it's obvious.  get rid of Al.  get a wing (personally, i love kirilenko's game) and add 2 high picks in a draft with decent depth...despite what bilas says.  they can take BPAs or work the trade market and try to get turner...or somebody else.  it maintains a certain level of flexibility.

DET - get a solid, tough big they have been pining for as well as the ability to dump gomes for salary cap reasons (if they so choose) and an athletic 3 who can play D along with a true point guard.   i'm thinking if they can re-sigh bigBen, and put him next to BigAl, along with a guard rotation of sessions, stuckey and gordon they should at least make a low seed in the playoffs next year.  plus, they get the 16th pick to add youth/depth.

UTA  - well...they get rid of kirilenko's contract which allows them to re-sign wesley matthews without going into luxury tax territory.   they get two veterans who are sloan type of players - come in, work hard, do your job - which includes playing defense - and all is well.  they also get their original pick back for depth.   i think the playoffs showed that the jazz cannot beat the lakers as long as boozer is their main post threat... i don't think they will re-sign him.  millsap can do that job just as well for less money (IMHO of course).  if they can stay healthy (and thats an if that they should consider) they could make a deep playoff run for the next few years.  


what do you all think?  

as an aside, i'd probably try and swap the 7th or 9th pick with HOU for their 14th pick and their NY pick in 2011 (we need as many lottery balls in the Harrison Barnes sweepstakes as we can get!) or in 2012 (f-u jaric/mcfale).   

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