Post your Wolves Big Board here

Unless you voted with the majority on all 20 of the Community Big Board's spots, this is your chance to post your personal big board for how the Wolves should draft. Use this space for whatever predictions you'd like to make about prospects as well. Go on record now, and you'll always have this to reference when it turns out you knew it all along.

(Note: should be obvious, but a Wolves Big Board is how we should rank prospects based on their value to the Minnesota Timberwolves. I'll never understand people who rank Greg Monroe 6th on these things.)

John Doe's Wolves Big Board

  1. John Wall
  2. Evan Turner (end tier 1)
  3. Demarcus Cousins
  4. Derrick Favors (end tier 2)
  5. Wesley Johnson
  6. Paul George
  7. Xavier Henry (end tier 3)
  8. Al Faruq Aminu
  9. Ed Davis
  10. Cole Aldrich
  11. Greg Monroe
  12. Luke Babbitt
  13. Hassan Whiteside
  14. James Anderson
  15. Kevin Seraphin
  16. Ekpe Udoh (end tier 4)
  17. Larry Sanders
  18. Gordon Hayward
  19. Jordan Crawford
  20. Damion James
  21. Solomon Alabi
  22. Avery Bradley
  23. Quincy Pondexter

General thoughts:

  • Cousins is going to be really good. I put him above Favors quite easily.
  • I really like Ed Davis as the almost Derrick Favors of this draft. Stats were almost as good, physical package is almost as impressive, he's almost as young... While Favors is clearly better, I don't see why mocks had Davis falling into the late lottery for a while. He ought to go 7th overall to Detroit.
  • I had no idea what to do with Aminu. I settled on 8th based on others' projections of him as a SF with upside, but I just don't know what he does. He could easily bust.
  • Greg Monroe is overrated, and would be a pretty bad fit here. 11th on my big board was being generous.
  • If you have enough faith in our team's locker room culture/leadership/developmental abilities, Hassan Whiteside should be way up your draft board. If he pans out, he's the next Marcus Camby and exactly what this team needs.
  • Advanced stats seem to sniff out underrated prospects better than anything else, and James Anderson fits the bill. I wanted to put him higher, but I didn't have the stones.
  • Ekpe Udoh is nothing more than a souped up Taj Gibson (really old shotblocking PF who can hit an elbow jumper). While we're on the subject, happy 25th birthday to Taj Gibson, you overrated old man of a rookie, you.
  • I'm on Mplax's Seraphin train. Everything I know about him screams "late round steal."
  • It's hard to care about anyone after my top 16.
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