A last minute prayer for what is rightfully ours.

I'm tired.

After searching the depths of the internet for that one piece of all important rumor news that will tell me what I want to hear I have been left with the constant stream of Cousins v. Johnson.  Two players who, quite frankly, should not have to be considered for this team.  One is a head case, and the other has a low ceiling.

Though it still burns me that the draft lottery effed us over once again, I realize that I must move on and accept "Oh boy!  The Nets might take Johnson so now we can draft Favors and ship Al Jefferson for magic beans and maybe in three years we'll have an all star!" Or...  "Sweet!  The Nets didn't take Johnson so now we can draft him and he'll be the wing scorer that we need and maybe be an all star once in his career and give good interviews!!!"

This prayer is for the voice that's still in my head saying "There's a number of things that could make sense for us to trade for Evan Turner......"

1.  Khan said early on that his big regret from last year was not doing everything he could to get the top player on their board (Evans).

2.  Philly has at one point or another talked about how much they like Favors and Johnson.  

3.  David Khan has been talking about everything under the sun "candid and open" EXCEPT Evan Turner.  

4.  Turner will be BPA for Philly but is the worst fit of the top guys available.

The smokescreening and rhetoric has gotten practically interstellar on all scenarios but this one, however if I was to script how these two teams would best posture for this trade I would script it exactly how its gone down.  Philly has to say they are drafting Turner no matter what or else their bargaining power is hurt.  Khan has to pretend he's totally moved on and isn't considering it because whoever is at 4 will be perfect.  

The game of poker is down to the final bets, Khan is all in, and if somehow we get Turner, and I don't care how at this point, I think we win.

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