TWolves Roster For Now & Draft Recap

Let's sum up our 2010 draft

4th pick - Wesley Johnson
16th pick - Luke Babbitt (traded rights plus Ryan Gomez to Portland for Martell Webster)
23rd Pick - Trevor Booker (traded rights plus 56th pick to Washington for the 30th and 35th pick)
30th Pick - Lazar Hayward
35th Pick - Nemanja Bjelica
45th pick - Paulo Prestes

* The Johnson vs Cousins debate will still stand. But i feel Wolves made the right pick here. Addressing the need for an athletic wing and a possible shooter.
* Drafting Luke Babbitt made me throw my fist into the air. Luke was the answer for the Wolves shooting needs. Still debatable, but i know many will agree that Luke might be the best shooter in this year's draft.
* The anouncement of the Luke Babbitt trade made me shout profanity. But when i heard Portland was the other team, that moment made me wish on Rudy Fernandez's name for around 3 seconds. MARTELL WEBSTER! (Not mentioning the rumors of Gomez for Beasley and other scenarios)
* Eventhough i dislike the Wolves' end of the trade (Martell Webster), i still cannot judge this until is see how Martell plays in a Wolves uniform and Luke shoot the lights out for the Blazers.
* Selecting Booker for the 23rd, gave me no emotions. For I was still shocked by trading Luke Babbitt away. All i can think was Booker can't help the wolves in any way. e.i. BUST!
* The Booker trade made my eyes gloom and my mind was furiously scaning all the available players for the 30th and 35th pick.
* 30th - Lazar Hayward. REACH! i was thinking more of a Hassan Whiteside or Tibor Pleiss as projects. He did turn some heads during the NBA Pre-Draft Camp. Still questioning this pick.
* 2nd Rounders... With Whiteside and Pleiss gone by the 35th pick, i still strongly believe that the Wolves drafted the best European stash (that is not a Center) in Nemanja Bjelica. and drafting Paulo Prestes at the 45th was the BPA maybe except for Luke Harangody. Ha!

Our Current Roster:

Al Jefferson
Ramon Sessions
Kevin Love
Jonny Flynn
Corey Brewer
Wayne Ellington
Martell Webster
Wesley Johnson
Lazar Hayward

PG - Flynn / Sessions
SG - Brewer / Ellington
SF - Johnson / Webster / Hayward
PF - Love
C  - Jefferson / Hollins / (Milicic)

I believe both 2nd rounders will be stashed in Europe. Pek won't play for the Wolves. And Darko will be signed again.

I'm only putting Jefferson to the Center position because Hollins has proven that he can't play Center. And i really don't think Love and Al should share minutes at the PF spot. Either trade one of them or both should learn to compliment each other's game, offensively and defensively.

The team still have cap space and assets. they have no need for Granger or Rudy Gay. Wolves are locked with the PG, Sf & PF right now. No legitimate SG unless Brewer or Johnson show signs that either one of them can play as full-time starting SG. And Wolves are also hoping that Darko might solve the big hole at the Center position. I don't know who will be signed or traded to fill the team needs. But looking at the current roster, the Wolves still have a lot of gaps to be filled.

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