Kahn's 1st Year

"The former Pacers exec he reminds me most of so far is Isaiah Thomas
not Donnie Walsh. God help us all. I guess it’s entertaining at least."
Me, a year ago, on Canis

Were my concerns right? Were they unfounded? Is is still too early to tell?  When I wrote that, there was scant support for the position (by 'scant' I mean none).  I suspect that's changed a little.

Kahn is increasingly and explicitly being dismissed and made light of in the national press. It's one thing when guys like Adrian Wojnarowski dig into him, given what seems to be a personal animosity towards Kahn. It's worse when guys like Rick Kamla who are fans of the team as well as members of the media tear into him.  Most damning is when members of the media who have no local ties and no axes to grind start referring to Kahn as "the lightly regarded" Kahn.  That's not an agenda or a bias, that's a reputation.

It's all very Isaiah like.  The sad thing is when you become disrespected and become a punch line, even your decent and good moves will be presented in the most unflattering light, and every bad move you make will only add to your reputation.

My own opinion? It's still too early to say.  

Unlike most, I'm 'okay' with the draft in terms of who we wanted and who we got.  It's not who we got that is the problem, it's how we spent our assets. I'm concerned that Kahn made the same 'rookie' mistake he made last year with Flynn in not securing the second part needed to complete the trade for Tyreke Evans.  If Wes was his man, he needed to be positive and respectful of Cousins value from the start, and he needed to at least get *something* for passing on the bpa, knowing that every team immediately following us in the draft wanted Cousins.  Simply getting Sacramento's 2nd round pick to swap would have been better than nothing.  We overpaid at 16 get what we wanted (Webster) just as we overpaid for Wes Johnson in not getting a second asset.  We overpaid at 23 too, given what happened at 24, to get what we wanted. 

It's too early to say because there is still a real chance that Rubio is Kahn's Garnett pick.  Darko and Martell could thrive on a team that values them and gives them roles.  Kahn could get value for Al now or rehabilitate Al's value.  Wes Johnson could step on the court and be an above average NBA player on both ends from day one without needing to dominate the ball to do so. There's still Pekovic, either as an Al replacement or an asset.

That is a lot of 'if's and 'could's.  Some I guess we'll know by training camp. We should have a good idea on all of the above except Rubio by the trade deadline at the latest. 

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