Draft Ratings


While I'm sure all of you have formed your own opinions by now, as someone who follows the draft year round, here are my draft grades for the Wolves in 2010:


Wes Johnson A-

Johnson is a good pick and I think the people who are knocking his ceiling are forgetting that he is a ridiculous athlete whose game is better suited for the NBA than college. I like the pick, and the only reason I would not give it an A plus it that it was so painfully obvious.


Luke Babbitt (traded for Martell Webster) D+

Portland clearly got the better end of this deal. Babbitt is an underrated athlete who can score at will... he should have come off the board at 9 to Utah. Martell Webster is a decent player, but he's no different than Wes Johnson... probably an upgrade from Brewer at the 2 guard though. Anyway, they need to be filling the 2-guard spot with someone who can create their own shot. We could have gotten more value out of Gomes contract, too... a lot of teams are pulling off silly trades for capspace. Gomes was a wasted chip. The only reason this isn't an F is that they got a solid NBA starter out of the deal - a 23 year old vet... which is rare... but they didn't fill the need very well.


Trevor Booker (traded for Picks 30 & 35) C

Grabbing Jordan Crawford here would have been the smart pick. I had him as one of the top 3 scorers in the draft. Given all the talent still on the board though, getting 30 and 35 was a good idea. Very mixed feelings here.


Lazar Hayward F-

Holy reach David Kahn! Look at a mock draft why don't you!?! I like Lazar Hayward, a lot actually... the problem is, we could've had the guy as an undrafted free agent. The bigger problem is all the talent we left on the board: Hassan Whiteside, Solomon Alabi, Willie Warren... those guys are all difference makers... Lazar Hayward is Jared Dudley at best... you get Whiteside a couple bottles of Ritalin and he could be a better version of Marcus Camby... he, Alabi and Warren were all considered lottery picks at one point or another. Major fail here.


Nemanja Bjelica A+

I like this pick a lot. This kid is a potential stud. A 6-10 SF with PG handles. Plus, he gets to improve on someone else's dime. Reminds me a little bit of Hedo Turkuglu. He's the only non-PG we have that can create his own shot (and shots for others). This was a solid pick all around as we already have all the rookies we can handle anyway.


Paulau Prestes B

I like this pick too. This kid is a big, big bruiser. Kind of a Brazilian Demarcus Cousins... without the attitude and hefty guaranteed contract. Plus, he's playing in the top league outside the NBA, so it is easy to monitor his progress and see when he's ready to come over. I think they left some talent on the board here, but it wasn't quite so bad as pick 30... I can live with this one.



Overall C- I think it's fair to give the Wolves a C- for the draft. Left too much talent on the table at 30 and made a lateral move at 16. All the other moves were pretty obvious, can't fault them for that, but hard to get too excited either.  

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