Training Camp Gems

What inspired me to write this was the article that came out a little over a week ago..

Cheik Samb a 7'1 C came in to Minnesota for a look and worked out.

I personally love Cheik Samb in my 2k10 franchise i brought him in before the season started and played him around 4 or 5 mins per game as my 4th big man and he produced nicely got rebounds defended the rim and the occasional easy dunk and hes only 54 ovr on the game.

Thats why i was excited to hear he might get invited to training camp this summer.

A few other names i think that should be brought in for a look are Sun Yue and Dj Mbenga

Sun Yue played 4.6 mins in around 10-15 games on the 07-08 championship Lakers that was his rookie season hes listed as a 6'9 PG

In 08-09 he got cut in the Lakers training camp the lakers GM said they didnt have enough playing time that he deserved and wanted to give Sun a chance elsewhere which I believe is just sugar codeing the fact that they didnt want him anymore.

Last summer he was in the Knicks camp and was one of the last players cut which i dont know why considering the Knicks couldve signed him for the minimum on a 1 yr deal and give him a tryout they didnt care about the next year.

Dj Mbenga played sparingly across the last 3 years for the Lakers hes a 7' C.

There is no player in the league i respect more than Dj Mbenga. This guy goes out there and lays it all out on the line hustles all the time even when he plays 2 or 3 minutes a game.  The sad thing is Phil Jackson doesnt play him the minutes he deserves. He shoots 18ft jumpers with ease dont believe me look on youtube hes got a soft touch and is a beast on the glass and the thing i love about him the most is his shot blocking skills which we desperately need.

Mbenga started 2 games this year with gasol and bynum hurt heres his numbers

29 Min   5 pts 13 reb (5 Off) 2 asts and 4 blks +13 3rd highest on LA

29 MIn   10 pts 12 reb (4 Off) 1 stl and 4 blks +17 3rd highest on LA

Both resulting in double digit Ws for the Lakers without Gasol and Bynum

The guy can play why not bring him in to play behind Darko Pek Big Al and K Love or whoever we have at post next year

I always like seeing how Mbenga does against the Wolves every year and its embarrassing how bad he makes us look

In a game 2 years ago he had 12 pts 6 reb and 5 blks in 7 Min! dont believe me il send each and everyone of you the video he puts Lakers fans on there feet and they chant MVP for him when hes on the FT line

In a game in Minnesota this year he played 13 min had 11 pts 2 reb and 2 blks and he only played because Bynum was hurt the other games against the Wolves he didnt play.

All in all the Wolves should give all 3 players a look.

Cheik Samb is a 7'1 24 yr old C who we could give a chance.

Sun Yue is a 6'9 Pg 23 yr who also deserves a shot.

And last but not least Dj Mbenga 7' hes 29 yrs old but hes proven he can play and will play hard even if hes out there with 1 min left down 20 pts.

Plus Rambis has worked with Dj Mbenga and Sun Yue when he was an Assistant and they both know the triangle.

Rambis was the one who inquired about freeing Darko from NY what about bring back players he used to help coach.

Why not free Mbenga from LA hes a FA this summer and said he likes LA but wants to be given the opportunity to play and help a team win.

Let me know what you think of all 3 guys

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