The Big Al Meat Market

At the trade deadline I begged the Wolves to trade Big Al since there were 11 teams then that could forsee a need for a PF, and that after the draft (Favors, Monroe, Cousins and Davis) and free agency (Bosh, Amare, Booozer and Lee) it was likely only three teams would need a PF.


So here is the update after the draft...

NJ - took Favors and no longer have a NEED for a PF.  Might prefer a more developed one, but I think rumors of AlJeff+ for Favors are wishful thinking on our part.

TOR - took Ed Davis.  His stock has really sunk and I'm guessing the Raptors would gladly trade Hedo for AlJeff, but I'm not sure what else.  Meh.

NYK - They still have a huge need.  David Lee is likely gone.  If the Wolves want an expiring, I'm guessing they would trade Eddy Curry's expiring contract in a heartbeat.  Most likely one of the free agents ends up in NY.

Cleveland - They ended up trading for Antwan Jamison, so they no longer have a need.

Chicago - They still have a PF need, and clearly want Bosh.  If we moved early, the Wolves could probably still get Luol Deng, but don't you get the feeling we just drafted his clone (production wise)? 

Milwaukee - Drafted Larry Sanders and have Ilyasova.  Not saying they are world beaters, but now I'm not sure they'd send Micheal Redd's expiring our way for Al Jeff.  I'm saying their needs are fulfilled.

Detroit - The pistons didn't start on my list of PF need, but as time went on the more I realized I Charlie V is terrible.  Taking Monroe takes them off the list again.

Indiana - Yep, still on the list!

Orlando - There are rumblings that they might want Al.  Would they really want a third big man making $13M+?  Maybe...  but not officially on the PF need list. 

Miami - On the need list, but will certainly sign Amare or Boozer.

Washington - Are Javale McGee and Blatche a reasonable front court?  Add in Seraphin and they are probably all right.  Too bad we didn't take my advice at the deadline and trade Al for Mike Miller's expiring and Washington's lottery pick...

OKC - I don't see Jeff Green or Ibaka as true PF's... but then I don't see Presti offering much for AlJeff.  Not on the list.

Utah - Simply moves Milsap into Boozer's spot.  No need.

Golden State - They have PF in Randolph and Azbuike and now Ekpe Udoh... but with Nelly and company you never know...  but not on the PF need list.

Phoenix - They will lose Amare and have a PF need.  But Al on a running team?!?  They are more likely to go with Robin Lopez and Frye than lure Big Al.  Actually, doesn't David Lee seem like a perfect fit? 

Dallas - New to the list with Dirk opting out.  Probably re-sign him, but who knows!  Technically on the need list, but also add another free agent PF to the pool.  Basically a wash.

Houston - I've seen rumbling of Al to Houston, but what do we get?  Shane Battier?  No thanks.  Only if Houston is willing to end the Yao era do I deal with them.  And with Scola, Hill and 1st pick Patterson, not on the PF need list.

Memphis - Not on the need list... yet.  We'll have to wait and see if Zach Randolph is finally sent to his natural habitat... prison.


So the final score...

7 teams have a PF need with five free agents available.  Another 3  teams (GS, Memphis, Orlando) are in the special needs category - a deal could be done but mainly due to weird circumstances.

Of the 7 with a need, my guess is Dirk to Dallas, Bosh to Chicago, Amare/Boozer to NY/Miami, and Lee to Phoenix.  Leaving Toronto (who drafted Davis so aren't as desperate) and Indiana. 

So at the end of the day we are looking at Troy Murphy's expiring contract and a future 1st rounder for Al Jefferson.

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