Overnight FA Open Thread

Hey SnP, can you put this (or start one) on the front page for those of us who won't be sleeping?

Recent notes:  Jefferson opted out in SA, which is a huge bonus for the Spurs.  $15 million off the books.  Farmar is not being extended a Q offer, making him a UFA.  Same story for Ronnie Brewer, so that cost the Grizz a future draft pick. 

Joe Johnson sounding likely to remain in Atlanta for a max offer, which makes it less likely that they match an offer for Childress; Kleiza not ruling out a return to the NBA next season, he has until 7/15 to opt out of his Greek deal.

ED NOTE: I was going to add the following in a separate free agency post, but this is a better spot:

A quick reminder to all that the contract page is up to date.  


The Wolves currently have roughly $42.1 mil over 10 contracts (including Johnson and Hayward’s guaranteed salaries) and Rubio’s cap hold.

1- Flynn/Sessions/(Rubio)
2- Webster/Brewer/Ellington
3- Johnson/Hayward
4- Love/Jefferson/Hollins

That’s where they’re at with roughly $11.4 below the cap. I have no idea where the idea of signing Rudy Gay comes from with no centers on the roster and with Darko and Pekovic in the wings. If they want a guy like that, it will have to be in a sign-and-trade. Also, they really need the Al Jefferson trade exception because it could be a valuable f’ing thing at the trade deadline and about the only way they can add another good player without the draft. If we go with the $5 mil/year rumor with Pek, they’re at $6.4 mil with no true center and Darko still out there. Darko made $7.5 last year. Let's pencil him in for $6/year and they suddenly have $0.4 left to work with before they have to start thinking about sign-and-trades and exceptions.  

Possible targets: 


It should be an interesting night.  I'd like to think that they aren't considering both Pekovic and Darko.  I'd like to think that Rudy Gay has moved beyond the realm of possibility now that Wes Johnson and Martel Webster are on the roster.  We'll just have to wait and see.  This team still has enough assets to make some interesting sign and trade moves.  Will David Kahn be creative enough to make something happen?  Will they get in on a three-way deal?  Can they figure out a way to help Dallas use the awesome Erick Dampier disappering contract?  
All these questions and more....tonight. 
PS: Atlanta is insane.  Joe Johnson just out-Gilberted the Arenas deal. 
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