The Spanish Inquisition Revisited

The idea was floated around last year - could or should the wolves try to recreate the most likely Spanish Olympic team as the starting 5?  Below is a somewhat plausible roadmap.

Step 1 - Convince Rubio to come to the NBA in 2011.


Step 2 - Get Pau Gasol.  Much easier said than done but here is one defensible scenario:


Toronto sends Bosh to the Lakers in a sign and trade.

Wolves send the #4 pick to the Lakers and Jefferson to Toronto

LA sends Gasol to Minny.


Do the Lakers break up a proven championship pairing to put Bynum with Bosh and Cousins (or Wes Johnson)?  Makes them younger and still competitive.  I would do it, but maybe the Lakers are more interested in surrounding Kobe with veterans who will roll over for him...

Does Toronto do this?  Only if forced to and Al Jefferson is the best replacement they can get.  In the end I see a Bosh/Dirk sign and trade between Dallas and Toronto.  But if Toronto gets the shaft, and this is quite feasible, this might be their best option.


Step 3 - Get Rudy Fernandez from Portland.  I'd offer pick #23.  If they don't budge I offer pick #16 for Rudy AND the rights to SF Victor Claver.

Does Portland do this?  Not if you ask their fans - they'd want the 4th pick.  But Rudy wants out and this might be the best way for Portland to get value instead of Rudy going back to Spain.


Step 4 - Get Victor Claver - see above.  Maybe give up pick #23


Step 5 - Get Marc Gasol from Memphis.  The Wolves offer up Kevin Love and Flynn.  Maybe add in Indy - send Flynn to the Pacers and have them give the 10th pick along with Love to the Griz.


I can only see Memphis doing this if they are A) ready to go all in on Thabeet and B) Zachary is going to prison for a long time.  Both things are plausible.


This gives the wolves a starting 5 next year of:   Sessions/Rudy/Brewer/Gasol/Gasol   with Peko/Darko/Hollins/Ellington and two second rounders on the bench.


In 2011 Rubio and Claver come over for a Rubio/Rudy/Claver/Gasol/Gasol lineup.  In 2012 this team wins the NBA championship in June and the Gold medal in September. 


At the very least, you gotta love the marketing potential - all the Spanish broadcast rights, the appeal to global companies such as Target, 3M and Best Buy, the soccer cross-over Adidas sponsorships, merchandise sales in Spain, Mexico and West St. Paul...  the possibilities are endless!

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