Worst NBA Contracts

Now that Marko Jaric is an expiring contract and Brian Cardinal is no longer synonymous with "overpaid 12th man" I thought I'd look at the worst contracts moving forward.  Since the Wolves have cap space and no hope of luring a free agent - absorbing one of these contracts could bring additional assets of high value. 

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Key - Team, Position, Name - 2010/11 Cap hit - years left on contract - total $ owed over life of contract - notes and my perceived fair market value over time of contract - value hit to the team.

WAS - PG Gilbert Arenas - $17.7M - 4 years - $80.2M   His basic skillset was not worth this contract.  Ernie Grunfield is as bad as Dumars.  What saves him is that Butler is an expiring contract on another team, and Antwan has just enough value on a LeBron less Cavs to only be slightly over-valued.  Combine Arenas' PR toxicity with his style of play...  I could see $10M a year on value, but he has to take a hit for his legal troubles.  4 years/ $30M.  Value hit: -$50.2M 

PHI - PF Elton Brand - $15.9M - 3 years - $50.1M     What is he really worth?  My guess is the MLE, say 3 years $15M.   Value hit:  -$35.1M

DET - PF Charlie Villanueva - $7.0M - 4 years - $31M   I'm sorry, but CV is awful.  At best he's a rotational big man, but he's not that big and takes too many shots.  Maybe this is a lowball, but I wouldn't even give him this offer, 4 years/$10M.  Value hit -$21M

DET - SG Rip Hamilton - $12.6M - 3 years - $38M   I love Rip, but his contract is too long and he's too old, and combined with Gordon's contract the Pistons are using almost half their cap space on shooting guard.  There must be something in the water in Detroit that makes everyone go financially dumb... too much exposure to the Lions?  3 years/ $20M.  Value hit: -$18M

GSW - PG Monta Ellis - $11M - 4 years - $44M   Wow... a shoot first point guard who is undersized, can't play D, or pass.  These guys are a dime a dozen in the league and paid much, much less.  I'd give him 6th man money.  4 years/$28M.  Lost Valve: -$16M

CHI - SF Luol Deng - $11.3M - 4 years - $51.3M     I figure Luol is worth more than the MLE.  Let's call it 4 years/ $30M.  Value hit:  -$21.3M

CHA - C Desagano Diop - $6.5M - 3 years - $20.8M   True value?  I think I'd rather have a 2nd round big rathar than a 29 year old guy who averages less than 15 minutes a game.  3 year/$3M contract.  Value hit - $17.8M

BOS - PF Rasheed Wallace - $6.3M - 2 years - $13.1M   I'd rather have a 2nd rounder who tried.  2 years/$2M.  Value hit: -$11.1M

NO - C Emeka Okafor - $11.5M - 4 years - $52M   Worth more than the MLE.  I'd give him 4years/$32M.  Value hit: -$20M

DET - SG Ben Gordon - $10.8M - 4 years - $48M  Not Detroit's worst contract.  A good 6th man is worth $7M a year, 4 year/$30M.  Lost Value: -$18M

GSW - SF Corey Maggete - $9.6M - 3 years - $30.8M   Too old and paid too much.  I'd give him the MLE, but this contract was a dumb response to losing Baron.  3 year/$15M.  Vaue hit: -$15.8M

BOS - PF Kevin Garnet - $18.8M - 2 years - $40.1M   Aging and gimpy knees have reduced Garnet to a role player.  I'm not saying overpaying him the next two years wasn't worth 3 deep runs and at least one championship - but strictly going forward KG is little more than an MLE player - 2 year/$10M.  Value hit: -$30.1M

ORL - C Marcin Gortat - $6.3M - 4 years - $28.1M   I actually like Gortat a lot and don't believe he's overpaid in general - just by Orlando who only plays him 13 minutes a game.  For them, they could roll with a 2nd rounder big to eat those minutes, 4 years/$4M.  Lost value to Orlando: - $24.1M

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